If you are ever exploring the city of Austin, Texas, keep your eyes out for Zelda treasures that may be hiding in mysterious places. “Ez” (simply pronounced “easy”) is an Austin-based street artist who is quickly becoming known for his Zelda-themed “interactive” artwork that has been appearing throughout the city and the surrounding wooded areas. He admits that he is not “obsessed with Zelda“, however; it was one of his biggest inspirations to pursue art, particularly The Wind Waker. The artist hides his artwork because he wishes to “add an element of exploration” that he feels many people missed out on during their childhood. He has become a sort of local phenomenon, inspiring others to join in on the fun and leave treasures of their own such as gift cards, film tickets, and more.

Kotaku recently interviewed Ez to get an inside look into the artist’s latest project.

The beautiful wood-burnt chest is currently in hiding somewhere within Austin. In the future, Ez is planning on offering hints to those brave enough to venture into the unknown and seek out his latest creations. You can keep up-to-date with Ez’s latest ventures through his tumblr or via e-mail.