Game Informer is the first media outlet to unveil their review for Majora’s Mask 3D, and the verdict is quite favorable. Although it did not receive a perfect 10/10 score like 2013’s A Link Between Worlds did, Majora’s Mask 3D was awarded an excellent score of a 9.25/10.

Game Informer noted the uniqueness of the original title, even without the fresh makeover, but conceded that the remake for the 3DS truly enhanced the playing experience. They also felt that the changes from the N64 version to the 3DS version helped improve the game, citing Link’s newfound ability to move forward in time however he pleases to not only be one of the largest changes in the game, but also one of the best.

The review closes by stating that while purists of the original N64 title will most likely be opposed to even the slightest of changes to Majora’s MaskGame Informer felt that the changes made to the game make it the preferred way to experience Majora’s Mask moving forward, hence its excellent 9.25/10 score.

“The experience has only been made better for the 3DS.”

While the full review is only available in their magazine, Game Informer obviously believes that the changes made to the game, such as the new saving mechanism and the ability to move forward to any given point in time, do not hinder the game in any way but rather improves upon the original Majora’s Mask. While this is all strictly Game Informer’s opinion, how will the core Zelda fanbase react? Do these changes truly make Majora’s Mask 3D the definitive version of Link’s darkest adventure to date, or will the game feel dumbed down and lead to disappointment?

Stay tuned, as we here at Zelda Universe will be answering these crucial questions and will share our thoughts on whether or not Majora’s Mask 3D lives up to the hype in our very own review coming soon.

  • Dustin Kyle Berezowski

    The 13th needs to get here already!! I have my new 3DS and the game all paid for and pre-ordered – I will be gone from society for quite some time once this comes out!

    • icedsoftball

      Would you say you’ll be gone for… 3 days?

      • Dustin Kyle Berezowski

        I wish I could up-vote this more!

      • great meme

  • Merylas

    From everything I’ve seen, the only change I don’t like is the fact that you can create a permanent save file from any Owl Statue rather than the temporary saves that they used to do. That said, I still plan on returning to Dawn of the First Day before killing power to the console. It’ll fix that issue and thus idealize the game for me.

    • Morgan

      I think this change was made simply because of the fact that it’s now a portable game rather than a console. It makes it easier to pick up and play and then put it down again.

    • Gordon Sorensen

      I thought that was a really good thing, especially for a portable game. What I don’t like is that they added more statues. There were plenty to begin with.

  • Eden

    So… No master quest ? =(