When we said it was only a matter of time, we didn’t think it would happen that quickly! The Hyrule Warriors DLC that was available as pre-order bonuses at various retailers in North America can now be purchased on the Nintendo eShop for $0.99 a piece. This includes the Skyward Sword Costume Set, Ocarina of Time Costume Set, Twilight Princess Costume Set, and even the Demon King Costume Set, which was offered through Club Nintendo to those who registered their copies of Hyrule Warriors early. Each set contains different skins of Link and Zelda from previous Zelda games, except for the Demon King Costume Set, which contains alternate getup for Ganondorf.

link dlc

Ganondor DLC

If you didn’t pre-order or only own one or two of the costume packs, this is a great opportunity to own them all at a very reasonable price point!

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  • Juvenal Cruz

    I need all!!!

    • Morgan

      under $4 for the entire set!

  • Ryan Haynes

    Now we just need Ganondorf in a Demise costume. We got Postman Link, so it shouldn’t be that dificult.

    • Morgan

      I’m actually surprised they didn’t do this for Smash.

    • Darkstar

      Ganondorf technically (kind of) resembles demise in his Hyrule warriors incarnation

  • JaidynReiman

    Ok, awesome! I was wondering when this would be out, I just got an eShop gift card for Christmas so I bought this right away (and had just enough for Minish Cap and DK: King of Swing as well :D).

  • Hero Gamer

    good thing I just got paid. Im buying this as soon as I can

  • Francisco Wacquez Linker

    what happens if you got the season pass?

  • Ryan Haney

    I got ’em all, now.

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