Harmony of Heroes, a Super Smash Bros. inspired fan-created album produced by Shinesparkers, launched back in October becoming a great success. With 101 tracks from over 60 musical artists around the globe, it became the biggest fan-arrangement album in history. Despite the huge tracklist spanning over 15 franchises, the team still had more that they wanted to cover.

Thanks to the astounding support and passion of the project, Harmony of Heroes is getting an expansion, aptly named “Final Smash”. Along with more tracks from franchises already covered such as Zelda and Pokemon, Final Smash will also explore titles that didn’t make it onto the original album, including Xenoblade, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Punch-Out.

Harmony of Heroes

The Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash expansion is being produced by Darren Kerwin with the help of Sebastian Mårtensson and Stephan Wells. Mastering the expansion is the ever-so-talented Rozen, who brought us the Majora’s Mask EP: Waiting for the Dawn earlier this year. Jennifer Eversole, Jessica Oni and Heather Wright return, creating more fantastic artwork for the album.

While we don’t have a definite release date, the Shinesparkers team hopes to have Final Smash ready for download by the end of this year.