When Nintendo launched the Wii U in late 2012, the console did not fly off the shelves as they anticipated. This holiday, however, we will most likely start seeing an increase in sales due to the popularity of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8. It seems that a lot of Nintendo fans have not been thoroughly convinced to upgrade their Wii to the newest console.

I personally purchased a Wii U a few days after launch because I was extremely excited about the possibilities that awaited in the upgraded hardware and GamePad. As impressive as it is, I ended up using the Wii side of my Wii U more so than the Wii U partition, due to a lack of games at the time. Finally, Wii U fans are starting to see an expansion of the game library with popular titles like Super Smash Bros.Mario Kart 8,  and the impending release of Zelda U that are only available for Nintendo’s latest and greatest console.

David Ho of The Wall Street Journal had the opportunity to sit down with Nintendo of America’s CEO Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss Nintendo’s place in an increasingly “mobile” game world (i.e. gaming on smartphones), and why people should upgrade to the Wii U.

So how does Nintendo convince people to upgrade? Well, in Reggie’s words, “we convince them with the games”. For example, full HD graphics, advanced multiplayer capabilities, and full Amiibo integration are only available by upgrading your console to a Wii U. Also, who can argue the value in purchasing a Wii U bundle? You get two games and an amazing console that appeals to people of all ages with access to Wii, Wii U, and Virtual Console games all for $299. This “compelling offer” is sure to be a hit this holiday season.

“We convince them with the games”

Nintendo also continues to offer the best in handheld gaming. The 3DS has sold incredibly well and offers a full gaming experience that our smartphones truly cannot touch. With the New 3DS on the way in 2015, the improvements to the handheld console should serve to further solidify Nintendo’s place in the mobile gaming world. By “compet[ing] for [our] entertainment time” and convincing people to spend their valuable downtime unwinding with titles such as Super Smash Bros.Mario Kart, and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo will “win in the marketplace”.