Miiverse user T-man has posted some rather interesting screenshots and videos regarding his very “special” copy of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Though it appears that his is the only copy thus far to have produced these hilarious glitches, it looks to be a legitimate case of a corrupted piece of software.

The glitches cause weird effects as to how fighters appear in the game. For instance, feast your eyes on this odd looking Yoshi.

Yoshi Smash Glitch

Or perhaps these psychedelic Ganondorf fighters might give you a chuckle?

Ganon Smash Glitch

If those don’t pique your interest, how about this outstanding King Dedede?

Dedede Smash Glitch

T-man goes on to post even more videos and images of his defective copy of the game. Hopefully we don’t see too many more copies of the game begin to surface with these symptoms as well, though many of these images are very entertaining to say the least.