Programmer Hayleia has created a Super Smash Bros. game for T1-83/84 calculators, titled Smash Bros. Open. This is the same mastermind who previously brought us Pokemon Topaze to the graphing calculator. Open is currently still under development, but you can still download the latest version and it’s free to play. So far Falcon and Fox are the only playable characters, however Hayleia did state that you can create your own characters as well.

The programmer also explained that the title of the game, “Open”, is simply a play on words. “Those watching the tennis know that “Open” can refer to a competition, which fits a game such as Smash Bros. pretty well. Those using Linux might think of open-source programs.”


Had these games been around back when I was in school, I would have accomplished nothing in class. I imagine that on test day, instead of solving math equations, students would be battling it out across the room.

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