Eiji Aonuma did not only talk about Majora’s Mask 3D during his latest interview with Famitsu, but he also touched upon the newest iteration of Zelda for the Wii U. Aonuma commented on the visuals, stating that many different graphical styles were taken into account to suit the needs of an open-world Zelda game before they made their final decision. He also teased that, “Now it looks more amazing than what was shown at E3.”

Aonuma also talked about the previously unknown enemy that was shown in the debut trailer, saying that it is something that players have never seen in a Zelda game before. Players will need to come up with a strategy to defeat it, all the while trying to escape from its clutches on horseback.

“If an enemy like this appears, how would you beat it?”

“If an enemy like this appears, how would you beat it?”, Aonuma said. The development team has continued to attempt to include these types of situations in the game.

While it is not known when we will next see new footage of Zelda Wii U, it is a good bet that a lot more information will be unveiled at E3 2015. Perhaps Nintendo will throw us a surprise and give us a Zelda-focused Direct?

  • Ryan Haney

    And I thought it looked great before.

  • John

    I know right? I’m dying for more news about the Zelda Wii U

  • Chad

    I love how they are going about the enemies in this game only problem is that link looks like a girl but that’s subject to change right?

    • Nick

      it looks like they arent gonna change it
      but who cares? androgynous link is awesome.

      • Andrew Konderla

        I agree with Nick, the whole concept of Link is to be the in game representation of the player. So this let’s the gamer (Be they male or female) get completely immersed into the story.

    • Zelda Fan Guy

      Been holding this back, but a while ago I figured it out, they stated that this was Link in the footage and when asked about why he wasn’t wearing the traditional green tunic and hat they replied back with “Link isn’t meant to look like any one appearance but to just simply be the link between the player and the game world” and as such has led me to believe that we will finally be able to at least somewhat customize our appearance in the new LoZ game.

      • Jlzumpano

        That would be so sweet. Looking back at past zelda games I can’t help, but think “this game is great, but just a few small extra details would make it amazing” and clothing customization is definitely one of those things. Even if he had one tunic and I could make that one of 10 colors, I would be so happy. Even happier if you had to find each tunic in a different dungeon. And even HAPPIER if each tunic came with it’s own ability or skill. AWWWW I’m asking for too much!

  • EnaZeibekiko

    I like LInk’s androgynous look…. I realize most people have a natural aversion to androgyny, but I think it suits this character well.

    • Talmor

      I like that Link has hair long enough to put into a tail.

      • Delightfully Grimm

        Me too, I admit I squeed a bit

        • Talmor

          That was my reaction too.

    • Delightfully Grimm

      I love it, I think that it suits him too. It makes for a strong character who is loyal, protective, and strong. And that’s all that matters.

  • Spudtato

    Consider me hyped.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    I myself don’t care anything for the “androgyny” but I do think Link atleast looks alright. and I want Link to be Link, not me. yah I wanna be a hero and save the world like he does, I’ve even wanted to be Link. but I DON’T want Link to be me, cuz honestly I’m not cool at all. and tho the idea of be being the main character of a game sounds cool, I don’t want to play me in a game.
    as for the customization idea and such, sounds alright, but please please please please please please please please please please PLEASE Let me have Links cool green tunic! I want Link to be Link, and tho it was kinda cool when you got to run around in Links pajamas in WW second quest, or change the colors of the tunic in LA, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t atleast get the option to put Link in his normal outfit.