Nintendo has opened a teaser site for the highly anticipated Majora’s Mask remake for the Nintendo 3DS. The remake was announced during Nintendo’s latest Direct and will be released in the spring of 2015. Although the title wasn’t announced until recently, it has been in development since Ocarina of Time 3D was completed in 2011.

So while we wait for the game, check out the Majora’s Mask 3D official site in the meantime, complete with some very eerie music!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting this for 3 years.

    • Ryan Haney

      The game, not the website. Haha!

  • Missy Boo

    Finally! 3 years later!! This needed to happen years ago!! Sooooo stoked, I’m so doing a pre-order if that happens!

    • Miguel Flores

      I live in mexico and I already bought my pre-order… so I think gamestop already has its preorders available.

      • Ashlyn Map Touchie

        I’m in Canada, not yet 🙁

    • Taur Xci

      I want the console!

  • Brad Wood

    cant wait for a proper 3ds emulator, not saying i want to pirate this game, i just want to see it in HD

  • Jeffery Muter

    My only problem is if it’s only for the 3DS. I played all the games, but I never felt NEARLY as involved with any game’s main story line on a portable console. I want to get into the story, I want to fall in love with an open an ever enveloping world. I really hope somehow that has been taken into account, or will also be on the WiiU.

    • James Cromer

      It said only on 3ds and 2ds. But there is a new legend of Zelda coming on the Wii U that is greatly open world though.

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  • Kakashi der Noah


  • Zeus

    hopefully the character movement look isn’t botched on this one, the way you ran and moved in oot 3D threw me off, its not links iconic stride from the n64 version