When Majora’s Mask was released on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000, the graphics were top notch. Since then, video game graphics have gotten even smoother, more intricate, and less blocky. Like the Ocarina of Time remake, the graphics for Majora’s Mask will be completely remastered to reflect today’s gaming technology. These new screenshots for Majora’s Mask 3D reveal just how beautiful the game will be.


The star of the show — Skull Kid looks like he’s jumping right out of the screen.


The original moon (right) terrified me 14 years ago, but it’s tame compared to the remastered version (left)! 


It’s so meticulously detailed, you can even see the wood grain.


The newly renovated Deku Palace.


Look at those bright and shiny new masks!


Looks like someone’s been working out.


He’s so fluffy!


The Music Box House is way creepier, and the Gibdos don’t help!

All of these screenshots are making me so excited for Majora’s Mask 3D. Spring can’t get here fast enough!

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  • Anthony Moseley

    I love how they remodeled the moon based on the Hyrule Warriors art style.

    • Aaron Leigh Nielsen

      I’d be more inclined to think the Hyrule Warriors moon was based off the Majora’s Mask remake. This game would have been in development for a while and HW would have taken cues from that.

  • Steve

    Am I the only one that thinks the new moon looks stupid?

    • Julian Delarosa

      might be the size of the face vs overall size of it

    • Zaruian

      face too big, specially the nose, wich looks comical. It deviated from the original art style beyond a mere improvement, and not for the best.

    • gamer

      yah i have to agree, the moon used to scare me abunch, but the nose rly is more comical if anything, eyes and mouth i do like thou 🙂

    • VinnySplendor

      Looks much better imo. Shows much more expression than the original, and that in turn makes for an angrier, more insane-looking moon. I bet it’ll grow on you.

    • Ryan

      I like the mouth a lot better, but the face overall is too big, so it looks more like a giant grey head in the sky instead of a moon with a face on it. Oh well. It may look better from other angles in the game.

    • Cory

      You can’t deny it looks far creepier though.

    • EnaZeibekiko

      In a screenshot, since the moon differs from your younger self’s memory of it, the presentation may fall flat…. In 3-D, of which the moon’s more pronounced features are to take full advantage–accompanied by the game’s moody soundtrack–you could come to appreciate the changes.

    • ElinuNoArcher

      The nose is too big!

  • Saratje

    :O The moon = mr. Bean. But it looks good!

    • Amanda

      Oh my goodness, you’re right, I’ll never be able to look at the moon the same way again!

  • Ryan

    I like this version of the moon better, it looks more like a cratered moon (a photoshopped shot from Skyrim): http://bit.ly/1soSbQ7

  • Duston D. Scott

    I’d never been creeped out by the moon, until now. I feel like it’s more menacing, and it’s sole purpose is to crush me with that beak of a nose it’s got going on. So glad this is coming to 3DS, can’t wait to play it on the new 3DS when it comes out.

  • Chris

    I like both designs of the moon, they’re creepy in their own right. However, the new moon looks angry, like it’s evil… And the story is that the moon is actually being pulled down my Majora, it’s being forced to destroy Termina, and the moon doesn’t want to do that (he even cries, dropping the moon drop tear), and I think the old moon captures the expression of “I’m being pulled down but don’t want to” far better. It looks like it’s trying to hold itself back.

  • ZeldaPikagirlMicrosoftsucks

    I think the moons nose is kinda big