When Majora’s Mask was released on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000, the graphics were top notch. Since then, video game graphics have gotten even smoother, more intricate, and less blocky. Like the Ocarina of Time remake, the graphics for Majora’s Mask will be completely remastered to reflect today’s gaming technology. These new screenshots for Majora’s Mask 3D reveal just how beautiful the game will be.


The star of the show — Skull Kid looks like he’s jumping right out of the screen.


The original moon (right) terrified me 14 years ago, but it’s tame compared to the remastered version (left)! 


It’s so meticulously detailed, you can even see the wood grain.


The newly renovated Deku Palace.


Look at those bright and shiny new masks!


Looks like someone’s been working out.


He’s so fluffy!


The Music Box House is way creepier, and the Gibdos don’t help!

All of these screenshots are making me so excited for Majora’s Mask 3D. Spring can’t get here fast enough!

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