Previously, Zelda Universe reported that Amiibos will be supported by Hyrule Warriors, but at that point we did not know in what capacity that would be. Today, Nintendo gave us some details regarding how Amiibos will function in Hyrule Warriors during their latest Nintendo Direct. Connecting Link’s Amiibo to the Wii U Gamepad will give Link access to a new item, the Spinner.

We also learned that every Amiibo compatible with the new Super Smash Bros. will also be compatible with Hyrule Warriors. These Amiibos will be able to unlock random materials, weapons, or even Rupees. Will this be an even greater incentive for Zelda fans to pick up a few Amiibos they otherwise wouldn’t have?

Amiibo compatibility with Hyrule Warriors will be made possible through a free software update later this month.

Update: Nintendo’s official Legend of Zelda Facebook page posted a spectacular image of Link using the Spinner in Hyrule Warriors!