Previously, Zelda Universe reported that Amiibos will be supported by Hyrule Warriors, but at that point we did not know in what capacity that would be. Today, Nintendo gave us some details regarding how Amiibos will function in Hyrule Warriors during their latest Nintendo Direct. Connecting Link’s Amiibo to the Wii U Gamepad will give Link access to a new item, the Spinner.

We also learned that every Amiibo compatible with the new Super Smash Bros. will also be compatible with Hyrule Warriors. These Amiibos will be able to unlock random materials, weapons, or even Rupees. Will this be an even greater incentive for Zelda fans to pick up a few Amiibos they otherwise wouldn’t have?

Amiibo compatibility with Hyrule Warriors will be made possible through a free software update later this month.

Update: Nintendo’s official Legend of Zelda Facebook page posted a spectacular image of Link using the Spinner in Hyrule Warriors!


  • Ryan Haney

    “We also learned that every Amiibo compatible with the new Super Smash Bros. will also be compatible with Hyrule Warriors. These Amiibos will be able to unlock random materials, weapons, or even Rupees.”
    Wow, that’s awesome!

  • Nils NomNom

    So now i have to buy all amibo’s to clear a 100% rating that sucks

    • Erik Kek

      Well it says the others are for rupees, weapons and mats. You can get those by casual play and farming. You don’t need them at all unless you want to buy your way to 100% clear because you’re lazy. The link one is just a bonus weapon to fight with, you don’t need that to clear.

      • Nils NomNom

        We will see if only Link gets a new weapon mebay there will be a donkey kong hammer or something i hope not only ordered the link amibo

    • SakuStar Light

      If your still saying that you need to stop calling yourself a gamer. Nintendo is not making you buy anything if your letting a game company make you buy something it shows how weak and how much of a follower you are. Saying that means you have no control over your life and need someone to control it for you.

      • Nils NomNom

        Something must be terrible wrong with you ? I had a nes when is was 5 im 28 now never gave up on Nintendo and won a mario kart tournament in Holland (Snes version) Im almost done with Hyrule warriors almost finished every zelda 100% (takes some time without walktroughs) And i live on my own when is was 18 > 10 years back ! I bet you live with your parents so dont tell me this bullshit

    • Nolan Briggs

      Actually, no. All the trophies only deal with the base game content, not the amiibo additions. 🙂 So, all those weapons you need to collect to unlock the Master Sword’s ability? Yeah, don’t worry about the amiibo stuff or the DLC. Just get the base game weapons and you’re good.


      A Fellow Completionist

  • drnedaj

    lame… I hate the amiibos they are worse than DLC. So expensive for adding so little to games.

    • Riley Hayman

      Except they’re collectable Nintendo figures (that are always worth money) plus dlc for 3-5 (and more to come, I’m sure) games. If you don’t think they add enough don’t buy them, or buy them for all the dlc and then sell the figure; I’m sure there are people willing to pay $8-9 for an opened amiibo.

    • SakuStar Light

      if u think this is expensive u cant call yourself a gamer i want you to add all of DOA 5 ultimate dlc which they have around 360+ and add that up and compare it to the link,zelda,sheik,and ganon amiibo cause we know those will be compatable no doubt. Then come back and complain.

    • BrianRommel

      I believe the spinner will be available in the Twilight princess pack coming next month. In fact any amiibo can be used to unlock three star weapons or below once per day these weapons can be unlocked by playing the game so nothing is really being locked to the amiibo

  • Ghira Demi

    Either I’m confused, or this means there is a chance that there will be Amiibos of all of the Hyrule Warriors characters. If so, I want a Ghirahim and Midna one.