With all these great new games coming out like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Super Smash Bros., those Club Nintendo points are rolling in — just in time for a cool new reward.  

For 700 points, Club Nintendo is offering a Super Smash Bros. 3-poster set, each measuring 22″ by 28″, featuring some of your favorite fighters. On one, Link joins the Kid Icarus: Uprising gang in their anime art style. Link can also be spotted challenging the Villager on the Animal Crossing themed poster, while fan-favorites Rosalina and Luma lead a Super Mario Galaxy poster.

Many of you may remember — or even cashed in your points for — the limited edition A Link Between Worlds poster set that came out a while back. Those posters were gone in a snap, and it’s likely these will do the same, so if you have the points, hurry over to Club Nintendo and snag ’em!

super smash bros poster2
super smash bros poster
super smash bros poster3