Hyrule Warriors has exceeded sales expectations worldwide, according to a Koei Tecmo business briefing regarding their latest quarterly earnings. While they wouldn’t go into specifics about the number of units sold, the developer expressed how the game’s sales abroad were above what they had expected. In addition, one thing they hope to achieve moving into the second half of this fiscal year is being able to ship out more units, and achieve even higher sales figures overseas.

Are you surprised by Hyrule Warriors’ success in North America and Europe? Is another Dynasty Warriors/Zelda mashup in Nintendo’s future?

  • Justin Graham

    Not really surprised. With the popularity of the Zelda series in the west, a spin-off like this was bound to find an audience. If this success leads to a sequel, then I’ll be even happier.

  • comamor

    no and yes. Who wouldn’t want to see any villains side of the story, even it it was short, but who wouln’t want to play as any other Zelda character? Some of us cosplay as them, draw fan art, and wonder what they would do in Link’s boots. It’s a great change from the other zelda games. Fans of dynasty warriors probably wanted a change of characters. Some of them might of been Zelda fans too. Plus all the dlc for the game is also a great thing because it gives us another reason to get the game/ play it more. I guess it also helped their sales when the TP, SS, and OoT costumes for Link and Zelda were sold with the game through separate distributors. I imagine people went a little crazy and got all three, or just two of the three. I wouldn’t put it passed anybody.

    • JaidynReiman

      The appeal of playing as other Zelda characters is my biggest interest in it. I haven’t gotten it yet because I don’t have a Wii U, but I plan to get it by the end of the year.

  • Ryan Haney

    I think the developers could pull this off again with Toadstool Warriors, having Mario and the good guys and gals and Bowser and the other Koopalings in iconic levels… I’d buy that, too.

    • Ryan Haney

      P.S. I’m glad Hyrule Warriors is a hit, I love it.

    • Mark

      “Toadstool Warriors”, just yes.

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