A few days ago, we at Zelda Universe unveiled a teaser trailer for Isaiah TriForce Johnson’s latest timeline project, The Legend of Zelda: The Order of Time. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to TriForce about his latest project, and clarify some details about his web series before it goes live this week.

What is the goal of your web series, “The Order of Time”?

The purpose to the Order of Time web series is for me to express my theory of what I think the Zelda timeline should have been. At the same time, I’ve been asked by a lot of fans, based on my previous interviews to create this series.

Back in 2012, when I did a three-part series on YouTube explaining the science behind the Zelda timeline (along with my thoughts in recent interviews in 2014 on the Live & Leveled podcast), a lot of people gave positive reviews on my timeline and agreed with it.

The fans wanted me to produce my version of the timeline, in some form of media that they will enjoy. I hope that using an original “supporting” story in this web series can do just that. Ultimately, my goal is to entertain the audience with cool Zelda content until the next Zelda game comes out.

What are you trying to do to Hyrule Historia? Are you trying to legitimize it, or are you trying to contradict it?

Hyrule Historia is already legitimized. Nintendo wrote it, so there is no argument to be made about it, no matter what plot holes or questionable elements may be in their canonical timeline. At the same time, I’m not trying to contradict it. In fact, despite what my opinion is, in my fan project I’ve found a way to “compliment” their timeline with an original story, and also introduce my theory of the timeline to all co-exist.

If I’m successful, this will please everyone; fans of Hyrule Historia, and fans of my original story and timeline theory. In this regard, yes, you can please everyone. It’s just about how well I can execute this project. This is why it will take about a year and a half to complete.

“My goal is to entertain the audience with cool Zelda content until the next Zelda game comes out.”

How are you going to tell the story? What are the production values of the series going to be like? Are you going to create your own animated series?

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone waiting on episode one, but I will say this: I will let the actual game tell the story, and follow a more traditional storytelling format — close to how Hyrule Warriors presents the telling of its story.

What inspired you to take on this ambitious project?

I’ve been a huge Zelda fan since the ’80s — even have the Zelda watch that came out of the Frosted Flakes cereal box. Not to mention the MS Game & Watch version, along with a bunch of other collectibles. I love the series. I even amended my first name to TriForce in 1999.

The Legend of Zelda is the greatest action-adventure series in the history of video games. It is to its genre what Super Mario is to platform games, or Tetris is to puzzle games. For me, this a great opportunity to give my input on an actual Zelda story. With today’s technology, I can share this project via social media. Back then, I couldn’t really do that, but now I have the opportunity.

I think what pushed me to finally start this project was the reply from my interview with Eiji Aonuma at E3 back in 2012, about a possible future Zelda game that would be based on the timeline and Link actually trying to correct it as one immutable streamlined timeline. When I asked him his thoughts about that, he stated that he liked the idea.

I was livid with excitement, and then I said to myself that I have to make this happen and see what happens from there on out. Just imagine that if this whole “Order of Time” thing works out and actually bridges everything, and Nintendo likes it and says, “Hey TriForce! We’re going to make the next Zelda game inspired by your fan project!” I swear to everything I love, I might consider coming back out of retirement and stand in line for two months until the game launches to be the first person in the world to get the game.

Approximately how many episodes will the series run for?

Honestly, I do not know. Once again, I’m going to let the video games themselves tell the story. That means I have to go through every single Zelda game applicable to the timeline. That’s a lot of games. The key here is: how will I tell the story? That is what I hope to surprise everyone with in chapter one, “Signs of a Paradox”. I think I gave away too much right there.

However, that should spice things up for the first episode. All I know is that this will take over a year plus, and by that time I can slide the next Zelda game into the timeline and finish this game. I was very confident that Hyrule Warriors would fit in the timeline long before the game came out, despite the creators saying that the game didn’t necessarily fit in the timeline unless you forced it somewhere.

Well, I didn’t have to force it, as it slid right in where I thought it was going to be.

“You can find it exclusively here at Zelda Universe.”

Lastly, when can we expect the first episode to air, and where will fans be able to find it?

The first episode will air early Thursday morning. I want to sync it up during the same time they launch the Naruto and Bleach mangas that are released. I think the anime community will enjoy this as well. I usually stay up late Wednesday night waiting for the newest episodes to come out before I go to sleep, or catch it early Thursday morning when it is reasonably out. So it’s a safe bet Thursday morning, around 11am eastern time. You can find it exclusively here at Zelda Universe. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for your support!

Thank you TriForce for taking the time to sit down and speak with us!

From the knowledge that we have about TriForce’s project, how do you think it will turn out? Are you intrigued by the idea of a story that can bridge the timeline together and give Nintendo an idea for an actual game? Let us know what your thoughts are, and stay tuned to Zelda Universe for the exclusive premiere of the first episode coming this week!

Update: Due to technical reasons, the episode will be released early this evening around 8pm EST.