Ocarina of Time holds a special place in the hearts of Zelda fans, but sometimes it’s good to laugh at yourself. After all, who hasn’t wanted to take a fly swatter to Navi or wondered why Link’s iron boots don’t weigh him down once they’re in his bag? The YouTube animation group Smashbits have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a full-length animated parody of Ocarina of Time — think “Blue Harvest”, the Family Guy Star Wars parody episode. The animation follows Link’s journey with an expanded story, touching on what the characters are up to when they’re not on screen. While avid Zelda fans will enjoy all the inside jokes, non-gamers will still be able to appreciate the humor.

The idea to make an Ocarina of Time parody has been tossed around by the Smashbits team for the past three years. Now that they have a solid vision of the project, they’re ready to move forward. In order to cover all of the animation costs, they’re hoping to raise $225,000 by December 5. To give you an idea of what the final product will be, they’ve released a pilot script (this does contain explicit language). For more information about the parody, check out the video below.