Endings in The Legend of Zelda franchise are bittersweet. The adventure is over, but there is some satisfaction in defeating the evil that threatens Hyrule in each iteration of the Zelda series. Some of the best music in the franchise are actually pieces from the end credits, which is why today we are highlighting the endings in Zelda games for Music Monday.

Ocarina of Time holds so many memories for me. I was 11 years old when the game came out and got it that Christmas, which was a special surprise, as the game was so difficult to find. At the time I was in band and played trumpet, and could play the music from the game by ear. I was young. I got depressed, I became elated. I had a crush on a girl named Jackie (would love if you were reading this!). Whenever I felt happy or sad, or even hopelessly in love, I would replay the ending to Ocarina of Time simply to listen to the end credits and experience the emotional ending. The ending of the game was upbeat, but at the same time had tragic undertones; Link defeated Ganon and the evil that threatened Hyrule, but was separated from Princess Zelda and his friends in the process. Ganon’s cycle of being sealed and re-sealed had begun. This is why for this week’s Music Monday I am choosing Zelda Reorchestrated’s arrangement of “End Credits” from Ocarina of Time.

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