With Hyrule Warriors being such an addictive title, it’s exciting to imagine the upcoming DLC packs expanding the content of Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash game well into next year. A number of sources have leaked some of the new costumes we can expect to see across the various packs, giving us a sneak peek of how we can change up the appearances of our favourite warriors.

Hyrule Warriors is already a gushing love letter to past entries in the Zelda franchise. However, the most exciting thing about these new costumes is the fact that some of them offer even more tributes to past Zelda titles that, until now, haven’t yet received the same amount of appreciation as others in the main game.

Credit goes to the users in this NeoGAF thread, Miiverse user kyuisasa7 and Twitter user @moldyclay, who all collectively shared the following images.


Sheik receives a very ninja-like black costume, which befits her fighting style and mysterious demeanour perfectly.



Midna’s new skin changes her Twili markings from green to red, giving her a more sinister image. Since this is the only image available so far, it’s uncertain if there will be any significant change to the wolf that Midna rides.



Volga’s bright red armour and silver helmet appear to have had a mahogany make-over. While not a drastic development, it’s interesting to note that Volga’s dragon form also has a new look, with striking black wings as opposed to the comparatively bright, fiery beast present in the standard game.



The Master Quest Pack will release later this month, the Twilight Princess Pack will arrive in November and the Majora’s Mask Pack will come out in January; all of which will provide “new playable characters, weapons, Adventure Mode maps and costumes” according to the Nintendo Wii U eShop. A “Boss Pack” is also due to launch in February.

Which is your favourite? I’m personally pumped to play as ninja Sheik.

  • Nick

    i like zelda’s costume but i wish they had just made ravio and hilda as playable characters. the others seem like recolors that arent worth anything to me.

    • Takkuri

      Well, Lulu and Darmani aren’t. Neither are Lana and Cia’s.

  • zelda

    I liked the Cia one. she looks so much like Lana

  • Fernando Menjívar Torres

    I thought Purple tunic was an homage/reference to Ravio from A Link Between Worlds

    • Lord Lemmy

      COULD be, but I think they would’ve changed his hair to black, and his scarf to striped, just like they changed Zelda’s hair to Dark Purple and her eyes red for the Hilda look.

      • ToastyDoggy

        Omg, Are you DealWithIt? If so, It’s TacTaco yet again. This is getting weird O_O

        • Lord Lemmy

          Um… No. Sorry. What made you think that???

          • ToastyDoggy

            Someone I always end up coming across on Youtube had the same pic x3

          • Lord Lemmy

            Aaaah. Well, considering it’s from an actual thing, I’m willing to bet several people have this as their pic

    • Melles

      I thought so, too, but the lack of black hair kills it.

      • Zelda Fan Guy

        Figure only a matter of time till they add that choice though, due to them going so far as to have a Shadow Link already 🙂

        • Deva Ashera

          Well, Dark Link (and some other Dark/Shadow styled characters) was already used in the Legend and Adventure Modes, so it wasn’t really hard to swap said palette onto Link for a payable costume.

    • Dana Addams

      Well, really, it goes back to the very first game.
      OoT had Link outfitted in green, red, and blue – when they came to make Smash Bros 64, they needed a fourth costume. They chose to look back to Zelda 1, and take the purple colour from the highest armour upgrade.

      From that point on, the purple tunic sort of became Link’s official fourth colour – which was confirmed, of course, when we got Four Swords and needed four Links that could be distinguished from one another.

      In essence, the purple tunic does not deliberately reference any previous title, since it is a part of the series’ history as a whole – it is simply accepted that Link has green, red, blue, and purple tunics.

  • Darkstar

    Perhaps “purple Link” in FSA is a reference to Ravio in the child timeline.

    • Melles

      If it was, I’d prefer to see black hair. That’s an important detail.

  • I like how Fi’s alternate skin looks more like her early concept artworks, were she was a very pale blue.

  • comamor

    how do you get Cia, Volga and Wizro tobe playable?

    • The version 1.3.0 update.

  • Deva Ashera

    I really wish that Smash Bros. would have had a Hilda Colour as well.

  • Kevin Valdez

    It’s not a Leak, it’s just pure fan-made color swap.

    Honestly some of them look cool, but seriously, other ones just look pathetic and do not even fit the game. Highly doubt most of these are “real”, and being honest, I hope they are not.

    Plus, the only “color swap” costumes right now are unlockables for Link, being the Zora Tunic and the Goron Tunic.

  • Ryan Haynes

    These look like what I’d expect “P2 Alts” to look like. Hopefully that means that we’ll get the ability both players to play as the same character.

  • kale

    Custom zelda hats at kalescustomkloset.etsy.com

  • ToastyDoggy

    I was really hoping to see more Girahim costumes :c

  • Erik Murud

    hmmmm i wonder when we get to know moore about the twilight princess pack it comes out next month so we shouldnt have to wait much loonger for info right?

  • Tunaf

    Fk this game is so gd i came twice on my first fight against zelda ripped her skirt off and raped her hard as tunafish thanks nintendo

    • Takkuri


  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    ganon looks awesome and the yellow tunic for link is a homage to Pepi from skyward sword awesome!

  • Makenzie Kripps

    Can’t wait for the TP pack

  • SamhainDemi

    From my understanding, there are even more costumes to be unlocked on the Adventure Mode Twilight Map.
    Link is getting a yellow tunic in homage to Pipit from Skyward Sword.
    Both Impa and Sheik are getting a Skyward Sword Impa costume.
    Lana is also getting a Link themed costume and she got a Guardian of Time costume from downloading the Hero of Hyrule DLC set.
    Darunia will be getting a Darbus costume from Twilight Princess.
    Ruto is getting a Rutella theme from Twilight Princess.
    Midna is getting yellow markings.
    Zelda is getting a theme in homage to A Link To The Past.
    Agitha is getting a pink dress.
    Zant is getting a Phantom Zant costume.
    Fi is getting a black and white theme from The Master Quest Map, along with the white theme you see here on the Twilight map.
    Ghirahim is getting his alternate form as a costume.
    Cia is getting a Lana theme.
    Wizzro is getting a Big People theme.
    Volga is getting black and red armor.
    Ganondorf is getting a theme based on the Hyrule Warriors True Form.

    Also all the costumes listed up above in the article with pictures are actually confirmed since I have Purple Link.

    • SamhainDemi

      And yes I understand I’m fairly late to this post.

  • alex

    I think someone should have mentioned it by now, but Fi’s recolor is obviously a throwback to the fairy queen

    the legs being the color of the doll