With Hyrule Warriors being such an addictive title, it’s exciting to imagine the upcoming DLC packs expanding the content of Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash game well into next year. A number of sources have leaked some of the new costumes we can expect to see across the various packs, giving us a sneak peek of how we can change up the appearances of our favourite warriors.

Hyrule Warriors is already a gushing love letter to past entries in the Zelda franchise. However, the most exciting thing about these new costumes is the fact that some of them offer even more tributes to past Zelda titles that, until now, haven’t yet received the same amount of appreciation as others in the main game.

Credit goes to the users in this NeoGAF thread, Miiverse user kyuisasa7 and Twitter user @moldyclay, who all collectively shared the following images.


Sheik receives a very ninja-like black costume, which befits her fighting style and mysterious demeanour perfectly.



Midna’s new skin changes her Twili markings from green to red, giving her a more sinister image. Since this is the only image available so far, it’s uncertain if there will be any significant change to the wolf that Midna rides.



Volga’s bright red armour and silver helmet appear to have had a mahogany make-over. While not a drastic development, it’s interesting to note that Volga’s dragon form also has a new look, with striking black wings as opposed to the comparatively bright, fiery beast present in the standard game.



The Master Quest Pack will release later this month, the Twilight Princess Pack will arrive in November and the Majora’s Mask Pack will come out in January; all of which will provide “new playable characters, weapons, Adventure Mode maps and costumes” according to the Nintendo Wii U eShop. A “Boss Pack” is also due to launch in February.

Which is your favourite? I’m personally pumped to play as ninja Sheik.