Eighteen months ago, Shinesparkers announced a new collaborative musical project covering tracks from the multiple video game franchises found in the Super Smash Bros. series, entitled “Harmony of Heroes“. Just in time for the release of Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Darren Kerwin, director and producer of the project, is proud to announce the album’s completion.

With over 7 hours of music and 101 tracks, Harmony of Heroes is the largest fan-collaboration album ever created. Musicians from around the world contributed to the project, including Rozen who brought us the Majora’s Mask EP Waiting for the Dawn. Also working on the album as mastering engineer is Alvin Wee, whose credits include music production engineer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 2.5HD Remix. Grant Kirkhope, who composed Donkey Kong 64’s DK Rap, makes a special guest appearance on the album in Kong Kollektive by Sebastian Mårtensson.

set list

To celebrate the album’s completion, Arecibo Radio is hosting a listening party tonight, October 4, at 22:00 UTC (5pm EDT). Soon after the party, the entire album will be available for download from the Harmony of Heroes website in both MP3 and M4A formats. The album will be divided up by franchise, making it easy to download all the Zelda tracks first thing!

To get you ready for the party tonight, enjoy a preview of one of the tracks on the album, a Song of Storms remix called Tune of Tempests!

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