I must admit, I can’t resist a good musical. Many of you may remember “Tales of the Wind Waker” by the Youtube group Random Encounters. Well, now they’re back with “Hyrule Warrior’s Heart”, parodying the newest Zelda title.

The video opens with Link, Ganondorf and Zelda as they read their invitations from the Smash Brotherhood. The three are shocked to find they’ve all been invited, as each one believes that they have the true heart of a warrior. The trio argue amongst each other until they are interrupted by a certain self-proclaimed princess who would also like to be a Hyrule Warrior.

The lyrics are hilarious — there’s even a reference to the CD-i games! The costumes are spot on, and the tune is quite catchy. To add to the fun, they’ve put together both a bloopers reel and a behind-the-scenes video so we can enjoy some of their off-screen antics. You can download “Hyrule Warrior’s Heart” on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

The Random Encounters Youtube channel includes several video game-themed musical numbers including “The Legend of Ganondorf“, “The Eevee Song: A Pokemon Jazz Number“, and “Pikmin the Musical: Cuteness in Major Thirds“. They’re all certainly entertaining, even if you’re not a musical fan, so be sure to check them out!

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