Want to have an accurate perception as to how long the line was at the Nintendo World Store in New York City during the Hyrule Warriors launch? Perhaps you simply enjoy seeing people stand in ridiculously long lines, waiting for the latest Zelda game? Either way, this video is for you!

The footage captures the anticipation Hyrule Warriors managed to stir up in many fans, especially those aiming to get the special edition of the game that could only be bought at the store. In addition to the long line of fans waiting to get their hands on the game, the launch video captures the awesome layout within the store itself, showcasing an item chest full of Link’s gear, giant pictures of characters, and various game stations to try the game out.

It’s good to see such positivity around Nintendo, especially around a collaborative title such as Hyrule Warriors. It seems that no matter who makes the game, Zelda-related titles will most likely be a sure-fire hit and create tons of hype.

Hyrule Warriors launched last Friday in North America, so if you haven’t already picked up your copy of the latest game in the Zelda series, make sure to do so!