Game Theory, with their interesting and controversial ideas on video games, are back with a new Legend of Zelda video! With the release of Hyrule Warriors, Game Theory use this to pose an interesting question: which Link is the strongest of all the Links?

Each Link is analyzed, one by one, using aspects such as their arsenal, mounds, magical ability, sword skills, underwater maneuverability, marksmanship, and questing experience. While one Link may excel in one of these categories, he may falter in another, preventing him from being what the Game Theorists believe is the “strongest Link”.

As far as marksmanship and swordsmanship goes, Twilight Princess easily triumphs, but with questing experience, the Hero Of Legend has four games under his belt (note: it seems Game Theory is adhering to Hyrule Historia here). The Hero of Time is easily the strongest, able to hurl gigantic pillars that block his path. Each category has a winner, but does that add up to a concise winner, free of controversy? You be the judge!

Do you agree with the final results, or would you argue the case for a different Link?

  • Maycroft

    I can understand the reasoning but I’d have to arguing against Link’s Awakening as it is a dream, Any items and experience within that game should not count as that adventure doesn’t take place in a “real” World

  • 3dsi

    Physically without item enhancements twilight link is defiantly the strongest but nothing bets fierce deity link

  • Justin Stercula

    You CAN use the sword underwater in T.P., just not while swimming… Iron Boots + Zora Armor = underwater swordsman.

  • Ryan Haney

    The Hero of Wind is the most athletic. The Hero of Twilight can wrestle Gorons and win. Skyward Sword Link is the most passionate about protecting his girlfriend, and beat the Imprisoned, Demise and Ghirahim. Fierce Deity Link is 8 feet tall, muscular, and basically unbeatable, so he would win the single elimination tournament.

  • CEObrainz

    Not suprised but pleased with the result, also I like that he acknowledged the connection between the Link in OoT/MM and Hero Shade from TP.