Today marks the first launch of Hyrule Warriors outside of Japan, as the lucky people in Europe can now pick up their copy of the Zelda spin-off starting now! Well, I know what my plans for this weekend are.

Australia’s launch is set a day later, and given that they’re ahead in time anyway, it won’t be long until they’re celebrating too. US fans will have to wait just one more week, with the game hitting North America on September 26. If you’re jealous of the rest of the world right now, remember: just a decade ago, Europe and Australia would usually have to wait months after a US release for a Zelda game to launch!

We recently published our official Hyrule Warriors review, so if you’re hesitant to delve into the unknown territory of a crossover Zelda title, you may be persuaded by the positive things Joshua and Hombre had to say.

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