Want to look fabulous like Zelda, but while playing as Link? Perhaps you want to use weapons specific to Impa, but while playing as Lana? I know you would want to see Zelda use Midna’s special attacks!

It appears that a Miiverse user from Japan, Raurei, has discovered a glitch in Hyrule Warriors that lets you do just that. However, this only appears to be available when playing in co-op mode, so the glitch does seem limited. Have a look below at a few screenshots of the glitch, or view them all on Imgur.

Reddit user ikusagami, after translating the Miiverse post, provided instruction on how to perform the glitch. In co-op mode, player one must “select a character with multiple weapons”, which “will be the skin character”. Player two must “select a character with multiple weapons, but stop at [the] weapon selection and go back to P1 weapon selection screen – this will be the actual character under the skin”. Then, “P1’s weapons will be unselectable and locked at using P2’s weapons”.

Fabulous!You can look fabulous, regardless of which character you select!

Cross Characters?!Is that Lana with Link’s weapons? Why yes, it is!

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  • Chad

    This is a glitch I hope they don’t patch! haha

  • Lo Hye

    I hope they take this glitch and make it availiable for actual use in the game.

  • Merylas

    Zelda wielding the Master Sword in that one picture… that needs to be officially implemented somewhere. O.o

  • Soeroah

    Glitch nothing, patch this to be baseline, please.

  • Michael Marshall

    Can you imaging Ganondorf Posing like Zelda with that move? LMFAO!!!

  • Morgen Stern

    Que asco!!

  • Marc Jackson

    What about in-game cutscenes?