Over Labor Day weekend, I joined 60,000 fellow nerds as we celebrated our favorite fandoms at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

There was certainly no shortage of Zelda cosplayers at the con. I saw so many different versions of Link and Zelda, as well as takes on Navi and even Tingle. Dressed as Nabooru from Ocarina of Time, I attended a Zelda meetup and photoshoot. It was so much fun, not only did everyone look great, they were just awesome people! It definitely reaffirmed that Zelda fans are the best fans!

So on with the pictures!

epic zeldaThis is my absolute favorite picture from the con. Credit goes to Shane Swor as Link, and Matteo Meloira took the photo.

IMG_2180Link and his ladies.

IMG_2114Sheik, looking fantastic.

IMG_2070Four Swords Adventures, anyone?

IMG_2106The power of the Master Sword is in my hands!

IMG_2043The beautiful Hilda of Lorule.


IMG_2096Shop owners don’t appreciate it when Link smashes their pots.

IMG_2221Tingle. Enough said.

IMG_2211I love the little Navi on her shoulder.

IMG_2164Speaking of Navi, “Hey! Listen!”

IMG_2208Just a couple of Gerudo hangin’ out.

wolf linkThis is my first time seeing Wolf Link at a convention. Very cool!

IMG_2135What can I say? Nerds just wanna have fun!

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