Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that there will be a Nintendo Direct presentation streaming tomorrow, September 4 at 3pm PT. The stream will focus on the upcoming Wii U game, Bayonetta 2.

If you caught the Bayonetta 2 announcements at this year’s E3, you’ll recall that the game will also include the full, original Bayonetta game. The first game now comes with some extra content on the Wii U, including a Link costume and Master Sword, on top of other Zelda references.

If you’re hyped for the game or new to the series, it may be well worth tuning in to check out the new details. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see more of that Link outfit in action.

As a pointless aside, check out the number of favourites this tweet received when I last checked it:

Bayonetta 2 tweet

Pretty freaky considering this is a game about witches, right?

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