This recent Japanese trailer for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles is worth reporting on on its own right, comprising of an exciting five-minute look at both versions of the game. However, the real news is here is the return of the Ganondorf to the all-star fighting series.

He’s hidden in the video very, very well — to the point where this appears to be an accident, and clearly this wasn’t supposed to be his official reveal. Nevertheless, the hawk-eyed folks at Event Hubs managed to capture his tiny, split-second appearance.

Stop the video 55 seconds in at just the right moment, and look at the off-screen camera reticle next to Pikachu.

Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. trailer

It may be a small set of pixels, but that’s without a doubt the Gerudo King himself.

If you missed the many Super Smash Bros. rumours circulating across the internet last week, a series of supposed leaks were spread from various anonymous sources, allegedly revealing the entire roster. While this hasn’t been officially verified, it is becoming increasingly more convincing given this appearance of Ganondorf and the recent reveal of Shulk.

If the leak is to be believed, the two characters were just two of twelve characters that, at the time of the leak’s reveal, were yet to be announced. You can check out details on Destructoid and NeoGAF, though if you don’t want the character reveals to be spoiled until the release of new trailers or the game itself, then I wouldn’t advise it.