Following last week’s news that Hyrule Warriors developer Tecmo Koei will be issuing a patch to fix reported errors in the game, they have now announced that it will be available on September 1 in Japan. Resolved issues include audio problems, crashing and a health glitch. The update includes far more than simple bug fixes, however.

The 1.2.0 update features a new Challenge mode, wherein the player faces a series of challenges within a time limit. New settings for the background music are also included, allowing the player to choose which track to play in each stage.

Best of all, Tecmo threw in a new weapon for Link, and it’s definitely one for the fans. Our hero can now wield his original, 8-bit sword and shield sprites, based on those in the original Legend of Zelda. You can catch Link swinging it around in retro style in the screenshots.

Hyrule Warriors - 8-bit sword and shield 2

Lastly, Tecmo teased a larger future update via the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter, asking what the fans would like to see. The developer asked — stressing that this was nothing more than “an example” — who we would like to see added as a playable character. Now’s your chance: go respond to Tecmo and tell them who you want to play as!

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Loving the fan based inclusions for this game, cannot wait for it to come out in the United States 🙂

    As for playable characters, they’ve already covered all my bases for anyone that I would have wanted in the game, cept maybe Saria or Malon, but those are somewhat tough to pitch, lol

    Saria I’m not sure of what sort of combat she could do, but Malon could use cuccos and such maybe? 😛

    • Valroy

      I had imagined Malon trampling enemies with Epona.

  • Ryan Haney

    That is so cool that they added the 1st sword and shield. What character would I like to see added? Fierce Deity Link!

  • Zelda

    Young Malon from Majoras Mask would be cool

  • Prince Crow

    I would like to see Saria playing the ocarina and using her forest powers 😀