Zelda fans have such good hearts. Earlier this summer, Zelda Eternity hosted a fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity; then there are all the Zelda fans raising money and awareness for ALS. From now through August 30, Hidden Triforce is holding a raffle to benefit Canines For Disabled Kids, a charitable organization that trains service dogs to assist kids with various disabilities.


For every dollar you donate to the cause, you’ll earn 15 raffle tickets to win some pretty awesome prizes such as a Zelda necklace, an adorable Makar figurine, Deku Wooden Shield, eShop giftcards, and even a Nintendo 2DS. Liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter and subscribing to their YouTube channel will also get you some entries.


To keep it entertaining, site owner Noah Glaser has agreed to partake in a few “fun” activites once they reach certain levels. For example, they’ve already raised over $100, which means we’ll get to hear Noah’s rendition of the Golden Girls theme very soon! By raising $450, he will live every Nickelodeon kid’s dream and get dumped with green slime after taking a pie in the face! Plus, different prizes get unlocked as the donations go up.

Of course, the moment we’re all hoping for is hitting the $2,000 mark. That’s when Noah will get the Triforce tattooed on the back on his hand, making him permanently Zelda-fied. So let’s see Noah get that tattoo, and most importantly, help out disabled children.