One of the most exemplary couplings of video game history almost never happened according to the recent revealing of scans from Nintendo’s 1993/1994 Character Reference Guide. These images were shown to IGN recently by Console Wars author Blake J. Harris and were taken from A Link to the Past. 

Each image includes a tidbit of trivia about the characters with some intriguing details. Under Link’s image, it states that he comes from a family of telepaths – a piece of gaming knowledge previously unknown about our protagonist. However, it was not telepathy but poor lighting and an arachnid that almost brought about Princess Zelda’s demise. Her description reads:

Each Princess of the House of Hyrule was a heroine in her own right. At sixteen years of age, Zelda the First defied Agahnim when he usurped power from the King. Legend has it that she survived a cruel imprisonment and was rescued by Link. The truth, however, is that she had been on the verge of escaping on her own when Link burst into the chamber and nearly slew her on the spot on account of the poor lighting and an enormous spider that had sat down beside her.

she had been on the verge of escaping on her own when Link burst into the chamber nearly slew her on the spot

Had this event occurred, it would have tragically altered the circumstances of Link and Zelda’s love. We all know that the lineage of The Legend of Zelda games is certainly a labyrinth, so who is to say this did not occur in a side story that we have yet to see played out on our consoles.