The final piece of the DLC Triforce falls into place. Last week we learned that GameStop would supply customers who pre-order Hyrule Warriors with Ocarina of Time costumes for Link and Zelda, while Amazon Canada is offering Twilight Princess costumes.

Best Buy have confirmed that they will be giving away the final DLC pack. If you want the option to fit your Link and Zelda with Skyward Sword costumes, you have until September 25 to pre-order with the retailer.

Again, here are your options, with links to each of the three pre-order pages. Which will you choose?

If you pick up the game and register it on Club Nintendo before October 23, you can also gain access to Ganondorf’s costume set, wherever you purchase the game.

Update: Looks like the Twilight Princess costume pack is now also available at Amazon US. The list above has been updated accordingly.