The final piece of the DLC Triforce falls into place. Last week we learned that GameStop would supply customers who pre-order Hyrule Warriors with Ocarina of Time costumes for Link and Zelda, while Amazon Canada is offering Twilight Princess costumes.

Best Buy have confirmed that they will be giving away the final DLC pack. If you want the option to fit your Link and Zelda with Skyward Sword costumes, you have until September 25 to pre-order with the retailer.

Again, here are your options, with links to each of the three pre-order pages. Which will you choose?

If you pick up the game and register it on Club Nintendo before October 23, you can also gain access to Ganondorf’s costume set, wherever you purchase the game.

Update: Looks like the Twilight Princess costume pack is now also available at Amazon US. The list above has been updated accordingly.

  • Devlind also has the twilight set

  • Deva Ashera

    Yeah, it was revealed the day after people discovered the costume set on Amazon Canada that would also have the Twilight Princess Set.

  • Muayiad Mohammad

    How about toys r us having all 3? So I won’t have to go and buy 17 copies of the game?

  • CEObrainz

    I find the way DLC is handled for this game distasteful. Hopefully all the DLC can be bought for a good price after the games release.

  • Ryan Haney

    I want all 3, dead gum it!

  • John

    well if those certain places are giving away the DLC’s then the other ones will have to be up for purchase in the Nintendo Store

  • Ghira Demi

    Sooo. I’m Canadian, and want the Skyward Sword set soo badly. ;-; I looked on the US Best Buy and saw the set for sale along with the preorder, and then I go onto the Canadian Best Buy and see the game is for sale and for preorder, but no details for the SS set is available.

    I really want it. Will it update and be available? Or can I just order it off of the normal Best Buy and get it shipped to Canada?

  • Dana Addams

    I’m going to reiterate what I said before – I guarantee they will all be available for purchase – this is just exclusive as a FREE BONUS. The club nintendo ganondorf offer is to encourage early adoption, and will be available for purchase, too.

    Trust me, if you’re not a fan of the Warriors games, just look at the eShop page for Warriors Orochi 3 DLC and your mind will be set at ease. There will be PLENTY of DLC. New challenges, stages, costumes, weapons, music… you’re likely going to get the chance to spend a good 60 dollars or more, just on Hyrule Warriors DLC.

  • Toledo Jones

    Well, guess I’m getting it at Best buy.

  • comamor

    DLC issues for this is rediculous. anything for a profit.

    “oh here’s an idea! we’ll just split the DLC between three major distributors and have them sell it separately, that way we all get a profit and everyone is happy!”

    “except for our loyal customers. They’ll just have to pick n’ choose if they want DLC.”

  • Zachary

    This seems a bit ridiculous, we shouldn’t have to pick a retailer/store just to get one DLC for free, when they more than likely know we want them all… They better be sold for a reasonable price, because of how ridiculously they’re going about giving the bonuses for pre-ordering…

  • doug1916

    well there be anyway to get all three with out getting the game 3 times

  • Talmor

    …The things I do for Zelda…. Wonder how much they expect me to pay for everything else.

  • Matt Ferguson

    This is bad and they should feel bad for making this kind of deal.

  • Super_Gravy

    I’m in the same shoe as Ghira Demi. I did pre-order it and they say I will get the code. Then today came, they said that they didn’t know Hyrule Warriors have an pre-order bonus… -_-

    So I never got it from Best Buy.