We learned a while back that a Zelda edition of Monopoly was on its way. The popular video game retailer GameStop is now taking pre-orders for a special edition of Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda that is only available to GameStop shoppers. 

Of the game’s six collectible tokens, The Triforce, Hylian Shield, Bow, Hookshot, and Boomerang are included in the standard Zelda edition, while the Ocarina of Time token is a GameStop exclusive. Other GameStop-only items in the game are an 11-by-17-inch Hyrule Map Lithograph in Treasure Chest Holder, plus six Item Power Cards which consist of the Goddess Harp, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Spirit Flute, Phantom Hourglass and Ocarina of Time.

The board itself features locations from various Zelda games as properties. After buying the deeds to The Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle, formerly Boardwalk and Park Place, you can rake in the Rupees by adding on Deku Sprouts (houses) and Deku Trees (hotels).

You won’t be taking a ride on Reading Railroad in this version. Instead, you can collect Zelda-appropriate forms of transportation: Epona, The Spirit Train, The King of Red Lions and Loftwing.

Empty Bottles replace Chance cards, while Community Chests are now Treasure Chests. A few traditional Monopoly elements stay the same. You’ll get 200 Rupees for passing Go, unless of course you land in jail!

This GameStop-exclusive is priced at $39.99 and is set to be released on September 15 of this year.

Zelda GAMESTOP EX 2014_mn_3dbt_web

Monopoly Gameboard

Zelda MN 2014 Tokens_web

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  • Zachary Roberts

    Holy crap, this is amazing. I need this now.

  • Ryan Haney

    I still regret not getting the Simpsons edition from my university’s bookstore when I was a freshman. I have to get this edition!

  • Baker1000

    Wait, no Master Sword token? Seriously, would it not have made the most sense to have the Master Sword stood in it’s pedestal as a player token? Someone’s missed a trick here.
    Anyway, it looks really cool. Though I wonder how availability outside the US will be.

  • Chad

    I’m surprised they didn’t use a hylian guard for the go to jail spot. but yeah this will be a sure buy for me even with my tight budget….

    • Amanda

      I was surprised too. I figured jail would be the Gerudo prisons.

      • Talmor

        It’s like they got really super lazy with those corner squares. Yeesh. The ‘Free Parking’ should be…I dunno…a ‘free horse stall’ or something, which would make more sense…

        • Efrain Rivera

          free parking should have been “faerie spring”
          the jail should have been gerudo prison
          the go to jail should have been a wallmaster
          and the go should have been a heart container!

        • Mark Tarrabain

          It’s “Monopoly”. The corner squares are always the same on absolutely every official Monopoly board.

    • Elijah Mitchell

      I’ve noticed this on nearly (if not) all themed sets. It may be a licensing deal that the corners can’t be different than the original (maybe to maintain the trademark?)

    • Xander ‘Bibbles’ Headings

      The corner pieces have traditionally remained the same even in the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other spin-off monopoly games. To keep the corners the same here comes as no surprise to me.

      • Lainey

        Well , we could always use stickers to replace the corners with something that makes more sense with the game.

    • Richard Rahl

      and the free parkign a horse or cow

  • asdfg

    It’s a shame they don’t ship to Brazil…

  • 21Daniel

    And for US outsiders? … I want this

  • Special Editions of Monopoly are always stupidly overpriced, but this looks like it might be worth it. Well thought out this time. GG, whoever designed it.

  • SheikCross

    I really love the idea of the monopoly but as below some stated no master sword and hylian guard for jail. I also like to point out/dislike that the paper should of been changed for rupees to match the actual color of them and had 2 on it for the 500.

  • Matt Gausebeck

    The corners will never change. All alt monopoly themed boards are the same

  • Maximiliano Vielma Rojas

    I know that despite being Zelda-themed, it is first and foremost a Monopoly set but I would’ve liked best that the “corner” tiles (GO, go to Jail, Jail and Free Parking” also had Zelda themes; like Gerudo Fortress instead of Jail (you can get jailed there), Hyrule Field themed free parking, and so on.

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