Following their recent impressions of a playable Hyrule Warriors demo at San Diego Comic Con, the IGN crew also held a live stream to chat with Nintendo Treehouse’s Daniel Orihuela.

The stream showed more gameplay of the previously revealed mission wherein the player controls Darunia. Between the footage and the discussion held, many new interesting details about the game were revealed.

Please note: Plot spoilers are left until the very end of this article (with a second warning just before it). However, if you want to completely avoid seeing an in-game mission and learning more about the gameplay details, stop here.

The first thing of note in the gameplay is that there is some dialogue displayed from “Wizard”. Going by the appearance, this is very likely the previously reported character Wizzro; the name is possibly hidden because it hasn’t yet been revealed in the game at this particular part.

The player is then notified that the “Goron Captain has appeared at the Entry Square”, which is another character that exchanges dialogue with the other characters. He brings the massive Bombchu to the battlefield, as seen in previous footage. While Darunia smashes his way through the hordes, Link and Impa are also on the battlefield as AI-controlled characters protecting the delivered Bombchu.

Orihuela reveals that the level shown is called the “Eldin Caves”, and that it is inspired by the caves from Twilight Princess. He adds that “other levels in the game will be inspired from different franchises.” When escorting the Bombchu to the large stone pillar, we can see that it has its own health meter, which suggests that it can be destroyed if you’re not careful. At one point, the Goron Captain says that “The Bombchu can’t move forward until that gate is open!”, and Darunia had to destroy a Lizalfos before it could progress through.

As characters build up the Magic Meter, the player can activate something called “Focus Spirit”.

Notifications pop up during the gameplay, such as “Hyrulean Forces have captured the West Square!” and “Allied Troops have defeated Big Poe!” It seems the game is efficient in keeping the player updated on what is going on.

A fan wrote in during the stream, asking if there are “any plans to support the game after release through DLC”. Orihuela responded, “At this time, we haven’t announced anything” but advised to “stay tuned for more information.”

After a cutscene (explained later in the final paragraph in order to separate spoilers), Darunia enters what looks like an ice cavern. As characters build up Magic in the Magic Meter, the player can activate something called “Focus Spirit”. We learned about this during an E3 stream, though this time we learn a little more about it and get to see Darunia use it. Orihuela explained that it “makes him really powerful and move faster” and “he won’t take as much damage”. Shortly after, we the technique in action, with Darunia glowing red and thrashing at his enemies.

Also at this point, we see a notification reading “The Gold Skulltula has fled!” Earlier we reported that you can find Gold Skulltulas in the game to unlock puzzle pieces, and that they can escape if you don’t deal with them quickly enough. A chest appears at the end, though the footage cuts before we see it being opened.

Please note: Everything after the video contains minor plot spoilers, so stop reading here if you wish to avoid these. Also, skip the video from 7:04 to 8:01 if you don’t to see the cutscene that contains this information.

In the previous IGN video, we discovered that Princess Zelda is believed by the game’s characters to have died at some point. During a cutscene, Sheik reveals to Link that “The princess isn’t dead. You’ll probably find her somewhere along the hero’s journey… You can call me… Sheik. It’s a name that comes from the Sheikah tribe. They were servants of the Hyrulean Royal.” Sheik then joins forces with Link and Impa.