IGN recently had the opportunity to have a hands-on play session with Hyrule Warriors at the San Diego Comic Con, and shared their impressions in a new YouTube video. More interestingly, they shared some off-screen footage with the recently revealed Darunia.

In the video, we mainly see Darunia using a giant hammer (possibly a Megaton Hammer?) to fight, though IGN editor Marty Sliva notes that he also “pounds his fists, he’s able to throw rocks, [and] he’s able to shoot lava”. You can catch him throwing a big barrage of Bombs at enemies around the 44-second mark, too.

There is also a part where Darunia is met with a seemingly unbreakable column, as well as a giant river of lava. The player has to go back to find a Giant Bombchu, lead it to the column and use it to break the column to create a bridge across.

Please note: The video contains some story spoilers. We have also kept our explanation of these details after the video, so stop here if you want to avoid this.

In the footage, you can see some dialogue from Impa, Sheik and a brand new Fairy companion for Link named Proxi. Sliva also says he had some dialogue from “Hyrulian captains”, though this wasn’t shown in the footage.

Sliva also shared something very interesting regarding the story. He mentions that Princess Zelda is thought (at least by the characters in the game) to have died at some point. Sheik appears in this section of the demo, whom we all know as Zelda’s alter ego — so it may be that Zelda disguises herself after her “demise” at some point in the story.

We see Sheik advise (presumably to Darunia) that “We have to defeat the monster. It’s our only chance of surviving!” Going by the footage, the “monster” Sheik references appears to be called the “Spirit of the Caves”, as stated by an on-screen mission objective. It appears to be a white Poe which commands the surrounding enemies.