Nintendo have confirmed via the official Super Smash Bros. Facebook that the upcoming fighting games will make an appearance at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

That’s not all; the event will host the first ever Smash 3DS tournament, and “tips and tricks live-streamed straight from the show floor”. Nintendo also seem to have a secret reveal planned, teasing that “a few special surprises” will be presented at the show.

San Diego Comic Con will be held during July 24-27 at the San Diego Convention Center. The schedule on the official Comic Con website also lists Super Smash Bros. Melee, suggesting another tournament for the beloved GameCube predecessor at 2pm on Sunday, June 27.

  • Special Surprises?!

    • Ryan Haney

      I don’t know that Z-MM 3D would have anything to do with Smash Bros. I wish they would hurry up and give us MM3D, but I don’t think a Smash Bros event is the place to announce it.

      • I think it would be perfect lol
        Have Skull Kid come out of a trophy and then transition to MM 3D gameplay! Would be so cool.

  • Ryan Haney

    I hope they leave some surprises for us to find once we get the game.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    I hope Sakurai reveals the Ice Climbers returning.