Agitha, the self-professed bug lover from Twilight Princess, has received her very own character trailer from Tecmo Koei’s upcoming Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors. Armed with a Parasol and an army of bugs, Agitha takes on multiple opponents at once, using her Parasol as a melee weapon while also using her ability to summon bugs, which helps her combat large numbers of enemies. Both large and small in scope, Agitha calls upon her beloved insects to eviscerate large hordes of foes, always with a smile on her face.

This trailer follows the recently released character trailer for Lana, titled “The White Sorceress”, who is an all new, original character in the Zelda series created just for Hyrule Warriors. With so many female characters being showcased, will there be any room left for male characters other than just Link?

  • Merylas

    All the footage and we only saw a Beetle and a Butterfly bug-wise… I’m hoping that’s not the only two they went with. I know I think it’d be awesome for a Praying Mantis to get incorporated into some of the attacks as well.

    • JaidynReiman

      Its possible that Agitha’s other weapons include different types of bugs.

  • Loki_GFS

    Tecmo Koei is mocking me… only because I am ansious for Midna’s Gameplay Trailer, they did the gameplay trailer of every other announced character, but not for the one I wanted… T_T

    She fights well, but I’m not using her for what I’ve seen in the trailer…

    • Amber

      Look on the eShop for Ninteno Treehouse. There’s a video where they played the whole demo with her.

      • Loki_GFS

        Yes, I know that, I’ve seen the video, but I wanted to see the promotional Gameplay Trailer, where they show you more variety of combos instead of the same ones, like the ones I’ve seen in the Nintendo Treehouse video ¬¬

  • GreenLinkMaster

    so this strange new creature is a flying type is it? well, here goes! Pikachu use Thunder Bolt! ;P

  • Yánick Custodio

    The Legend of Zelda just got a lot more kawaii-er than ever. *3*

  • Melena

    I’ve always loved her!

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