Golden Bugs

Agitha’s Ball

In the southeastern corner of Castle Town, there is a magnificent mansion with only one resident. Inside the “castle” lives the “princess” Agitha, an eccentric little girl who loves two things in life—bugs and parties. Unfortunately, all of the people she invited to her most recent party, “Agitha’s Ball”, haven’t shown up and must have gotten lost along the way. So, she hires everyone’s favorite hero to travel all over Hyrule and round up her pairs of creepy-crawly guests.

When you bring her the first bug, she’ll give you the Big Wallet that holds 600 Rupees, and when you bring her all 24 of the creatures, she’ll give you Giant’s Wallet that can hold 1,000 Rupees. For every unmatched bug you bring her, she’ll give you 50 Rupees, and for every pair you complete you’ll get an additional 100 Rupees.

When you’re on this quest, there are a few things you should know. Regardless of what species they belong to, they all light up at night. That makes it a lot easier to spot them. Also, whenever you get near one, you can hear the same loud chiming noise. Finally, both members of the bug pair can be found in the same general area of the map.

Remember, this guide is written for the Wii version of the game. If you’re using this for a Gamecube version, keep in mind that it is mirrored relative to the Wii version. Therefore, whenever this guide says to head east you need to head west; if left, head right, etc.

Ants: Kakariko Village

♂ – At the back of Kakariko Graveyard, crawling around the roots of the tree on the right.

♀ – In the empty house next to Barnes’s Bomb Shop on the western side of town. Enter the front door and she should be crawling around on the floor.

Beetles: Southern Hyrule Field

♂ – He’s in the center of the field. Look near the tree in between the hills in the middle of Faron Province.

♀ – You’ll find her clinging to the side of a tree on a ridge in the same area. Look in the far west of Hyrule Field at night. It’s very hard to see her during the day.

Butterflies: Eastern Hyrule Field

♂ – Head south from the eastern entrance to Castle Town. He’s to the left of the path in a flower patch.

♀ – Head northeast from the eastern entrance to Castle Town. On your left, you’ll see a ledge covered in ivy. Use the Clawshot to get to the top, and you’ll find her in a flower patch.

Dayflies: Gerudo Valley

♂ – He’s at the central, southernmost point of the desert just south of the rift located there. Look for him at night because if you don’t, it will be almost impossible to spot him flying around.

♀ – You’ll find her in the southern section of the desert just west of the warp portal. Look around inside both of the two trenches because she may move back and forth. As with the male Dayfly, you should probably hunt for her at night.

Dragonflies: Zora’s River

♂ – He’s in the very tall, hilly area right below the Zora’s Domain waterfall. Climb the hills on the west side near Mother and Child Rock, and you’ll find him.

♀ – You can find her flying over the river in front of Iza’s boat rental store. Use the Gale Boomerang to catch her if you have trouble.

Grasshoppers: Western Hyrule Field

♂ – If you exit Kakariko to the northeast, you’ll find him in the central, southern part of Western Hyrule Field. He’ll be jumping around in the brown grass-less patch of land to the east of the wall. He’s hard to catch, so use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to get a hold of him.

♀ – She’s up in the far northeast corner of Western Hyrule Field. Even though she’s just hopping around, she may be difficult to catch so use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to reel her in.

Ladybugs: Southern Hyrule Field

♂ – Leave Castle Town via the south steps and head to the west once off the steps. From there, you’ll see a large rock. Look near the flowers at the base and you’ll find the male ladybug.

♀ – Immediately south of Castle Town there will be a courtyard with a pool inside of it. On the east side of the pool there are three trees. The female ladybug will be either inside one of the trees or flying around them.

Mantises: Lake Hylia Bridge

♂ – You can find him flying around inside the northern arch at the Great Bridge over Lake Hylia. He’s hard to see and harder still to catch. Use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to help bring him down.

♀ – Head to the southern end of the Great Bridge over Lake Hylia, and travel to the large collection of old trees before the small bridge. She’s on the south eastern part of the wall. Look up and you’ll see her. Use the Gale Boomerang or another weapon to bring her down.

Phasmids: Bridge of Eldin

♂ – He’s on the southern arch of the Bridge of Eldin. He’s not hard to find, and you can use the Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to get him down.

♀ – You’ll find her on the northern side of the Bridge of Eldin. Use the Clawshot to get onto the northwestern rock ledges and grab the bug from there.

Pill Bugs: Kakariko Gorge

♂ – Go to the bridge in Kakariko Gorge, and look on the ground to the immediate southeast. He will be crawling along right after the bridge and right next to the trail.

♀ – Enter Kakariko Gorge from Kakariko Village and take a right. Follow the wall of rocks you meet and you will end up at a patch of flowers near a few trees. Look around the flowers, and you’ll find her. You might have to cut down the flowers to see her.

Snails: Sacred Grove

♂ – Go to the room with the guardian statue puzzle. In the southwest corner of this room, you’ll find an alcove. Go inside and look up at the northeast corner from the inside. You will see him crawling around on the wall.

♀ – You’ll find her inside the entrance to the Temple of Time. In the area before you officially enter the dungeon there is a large staircase along the southern wall of the room. Look along the western side of the staircase, and you’ll find her.

Stag Beetles: Northern Hyrule Field

♂ – On the eastern side of the small river, there is a single tree. Look around it and in its branches, and you’ll find the male Stag Beetle.

♀ – If you look north of the small river, you’ll find a large rocky area with a split path. Follow the south portion of this path and stop when you reach the large boulder blocking the entrance to a cave. Look up and to the right of the boulder and you’ll find the bug.

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