We’ve already gotten a small glimpse of Lana in a series of Hyrule Warriors screenshots, but as an original character we don’t know that much about her. With long blue hair and a mysterious book of spells, Lana has joined Link, Zelda and Impa in the fight to save Hyrule. In Tecmo Koei’s latest trailer, we see her magic in action.

Lana, a white witch who will stop at nothing to defeat Cia, seems quite capable at producing magical barriers. In the trailer she conjures mystic walls from which she can launch herself, forms enormous blocks she uses to roll atop evil minions, and creates enduring barriers that sweep foes away. We also see a varied assortment of other spells including magical blasts of energy and electrifying shock waves.

Lana’s personality also shines through in this video. Chipper, optimistic and cutesy, the witch seems to have one of the most robust personalities of any Zelda character. With her presence on the box art of the game, and what seems to be a leading role in the story’s plot, Lana is staying true to the developer’s promise to have strong female characters in the game.

Check out the trailer below, and also catch the four English character trailers recently released.

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