While we have already seen how Link and Zelda fight in Hyrule Warriors, we have yet to see how Impa plays into the upcoming title for the Wii U. This character trailer from Tecmo Koei showcases Impa’s fighting style, which is comprised of brute strength. Her design is a hybrid of her appearances in Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time, and she wields a massive sword which blows back any enemy that crosses her path. Impa also seems to have the ability to use elemental magic, and she is seen summoning swords made out of water from the sky in order to strike down groups of enemies. She even infuses her blade with water in an attack which makes it even more powerful.

It is very interesting to see how her fighting style contrasts with Link’s and Zelda’s style. While Link possesses finesse and Zelda’s style is as graceful as a dance, Impa possesses pure brute strength, plowing through her enemies mercilessly. I wonder how the different fighting styles of each character will affect the implementation of different strategies in how the game is played?

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