In Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors press kit for E3 2014, the box art for the highly anticipated Zelda spin-off from Tecmo Koei was released. There are a few interesting tidbits from the newly released artwork on the box. Link dons both the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, something not present in the gameplay thus far;  a brand new character is shown clad in a purple top and wielding a shield and red book of some sort; and an ever-mysterious Nintendo Network logo shown at the top of the box. While this suggests that at some point in the game Link will gain the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, who is this new character? Is the Nintendo Network logo due to previously reported DLC, or will there be online multiplayer of some sort?

There are so many questions still to be answered, but rest assured we will find out by the time the game is released on September 26 in North America and August 14 in Japan!