IGN had the chance to interview renowned game developer Shigeru Miyamoto at E3. In the interview, Miyamoto discusses the possibilities of future Nintendo hardware and the company’s plans going forward. IGN first asked Miyamoto about the likelihood of Nintendo combining their home console and portable devices into one hybrid system. Miyamoto provided the following response:

“Well, we’re always experimenting with a lot of different kinds of new hardware. Certainly, we’ve put a focus more recently on what we can do to better improve the transition from one hardware system to the next. Going from GameCube to Wii, we were able to mature a smooth transition from one to the next in terms of the development environment. But with Wii to Wii U, there were some hurdles there that we had to overcome in making that transition to the new hardware system.”

Miyamoto went on to tell IGN that Nintendo would wait to see if a hybrid device would tie into the company’s product strategy before making a decision:

“The question of whether or not we want to take a portable system and a home console system and decide if maybe, as the computer processing power improves, we could just simply say we’ll stick with a portable and make it something that could also be a home console system is a question that ties directly into product strategy, and is something I can’t really go into detail on,” Miyamoto explained.”

Finally, Miyamoto emphasized that the company’s current focus would be on developing methods to smoothly transition between hardware systems going forward:

“But what I can say is that, for the time being, our focus is really on developing and building these environments that will allow us to have a smooth transition from one hardware system to the next going forward. Other than that, you can look forward to what comes next.”

It seems that Nintendo is certainly aware of the possibility of combining their console and handheld systems into one hybrid device. Whether it makes sense for the company to do so right now or in the near future is something that remains to be seen,as the course Nintendo takes will likely depend on future improvements in technology and what Nintendo feels is in the company’s best interests.

  • Ryan Haney

    If you can’t plug that hybrid into the big screen and use the louder tv speakers, I’ll be upset.

    • SortingHat

      Of course they will but it will be a DLC you pay for. 🙂 The Nintendo Connector! Or an ammibo you buy.

  • Thomas Andersen

    The only thing Nintendo needs to think about with the next system is: It Has to be able to compete in every aspect vs Sony and Microsoft! ………if they had games like NFS, Mortal Combat, CoD and SSX, I wouldnt need to get the Playstation.. as with many others! And more people would be able to get the Marios and the Zeldas etc! ..and name it: Nintendo…!!:) (Ps: work on your relationship with mainstream 3rd party developers)

    • Nathanael Noll

      CoD is on Wii U…

      • Thomas Andersen

        atm yes.. with NO support(DLC) ..but Advanced Warfare is not planned to come out on WiiU.. but I hope you understood what I ment, they where ex. to prove a point, let me know If I should explane it to you!

  • SortingHat

    I REALLY hope they don’t go mobile as I have seen what those games are like and you really don’t want them trust me. It’s not the hype the industry is making it.

    If you had Zelda IOS it will look and play like a kids think toy. Now if your playing it while your waiting for the bus then it’s not too bad but if you expect a full blown good version then I LMAO while you frustrate yourself.

    The first dumbed down feature will be one file slot instead of three because phones don’t have much memory if at all and the more you go into the Zelda game the faster the slot will move so good luck catching it!

    It will be a hidden mini game where you have to tap the save file to access it but the further you progress the faster it flies around the screen. When you start a new game it will go slowly across the screen.

    So if your 98 percent progress it will be almost impossible to see the file select and it will have black font with grey letters. 🙂 That’s just the beginning of it.

  • SortingHat

    If you complain about catching the save file to access it then all the other Nintendo fans will just assume your not a true Zelda fan.

    But I can’t catch it help me!

    Forum thread: The Legend of Zelda Save Slot Moves Much Too Fast What Do I Do?

    First reply: Is this the new IOS game your talking about? YES!!!” Oh you need either the Nintendo Stylus or pay for a DLC that slows the file select down then you can tap it to open it.