Taking a look back at the recent artwork and screenshots released for Hyrule Warriors, GameXplain has developed interesting new theories on the story and timeline placement of the game.

According to a translation found on the game’s official website, long ago, a hero split an evil spirit into four pieces. Three pieces were sealed away in a space-time realm. The fourth was locked away with the Master Sword and a sorceress was tasked to watch over the sealed pieces to keep the equilibrium. During the time of Hyrule Warriors, Cia is the sorceress protecting the equilibrium but becomes evil due to her jealousy of Link and Zelda. GameXplain notes that this is the first time jealousy is a driving factor for a villain’s motives in a Zelda game. The story of Hyrule Warriors follows Link searching for Zelda while also fighting to stop Cia.


Link and Zelda also appear to be a part of a new generation as the artwork depicts them wearing clothing not yet seen in any other Zelda game. GameXplain goes on to discuss Link and Impa’s fighting style and the origins of Cia, Valga, and Wizro. Ending with speculations about the game’s locations, GameXplain offers an insightful theory on why Skyloft is falling down on Hyrule Castle in the artwork pictured below.


It is speculated that the evil present in the game is pulling objects, enemies, and locations from the entire history of the Zelda timeline using some form of a space-time continuum portal. This theory also gives an explanation why Stalchildren, which appeared in Ocarina of Time, will appear with Bokoblins that appeared in Skyward Sword.


You can watch the entire analysis below.

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  • Bill Krepke

    One thing I am wondering… what time in the Skyward Sword era is that Skyloft from? The goddess statue fell in Skyward Sword, so it must be before or during SS.

    • Mikel Nisse

      The Official Timeline says that Skyward sword happened before every other game, The thing is the rest of the skyloft never fell so it’s been there through all the ages.

      • CEObrainz

        The only problem with that is the fact that the image shows the goddess statue which hints at Pre-SS in terms of timeline placement. The problem with this though is the castle that shouldn’t be there…unless the statue was returned back to the sky for some strange reason?

        • JG

          If the rumor is true and that’s actually what’s happening, then it really could be taking place at any time as the space-time continuum thing is pulling things from many Zelda games across the timeline. My opinion is that it probably threatens to pull this stuff but when the game is completed and CIA is defeat it probably reverses the huge changes made through the continuum so that it never would have happened in the first place a la Young Link timeline after Ocarina of Time.

  • Rees

    The inclusion of what looks to be a decent storyline is starting to get me interested in this game. The reveal trailer scared me, but I guess I can calm down now. Either way, though, the character designs for Cia and Valga are freakin’ sweet!

    • matthews

      If you call a cheap twilight love triangle and shia’s jealousy being the only reason for the conflict… sure. Great story, not over the top just disgusting fan service with no real plot at all.

      • Anthony Moseley

        Whine a little more.

        • matthews

          Cause when it’s a negative honest opinion about a game selling out to fan service it’s whining. It’s an honest opinion about something I don’t believe would pass as believable storyline. People enjoy it solely for the fanservice.

          I can step back from a franchise that is my favorite and talk negatively even about the games in it I enjoy, because no game is perfect. This game to me is becoming one of the harshest disappointments with their direction story wise. I can let go of fanservicey character designs, they’re in almost all games but at least redeem it with a truly good story and not just, she wants his body and is jealous…

          • True Davad

            The Game hasn’t come out yet and little is known about the story. It is probably not the only reason for the conflict. Get the full picture before you make such blatant assumptions.

          • Anthony Moseley

            No, because it’s a half-baked opinion on a storyline for a game that hasn’t even been released yet (meaning that we don’t even know that the current story is the full story), that’s why it’s whining. Plus, the way you worded your comment really made you come off as a spoiled brat.

            I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to the story than just “Cia is evil because Link doesn’t love her”. You’re making a whole lot of assumptions based on a very vague plot detail.

          • matthews

            And your over need to call me a whining brat and defend the game, little known about or not makes you seem like a fanboy that can’t think outside ITS ZELDA AND GOOD. All negativity and positivity are assumptions, anyone praising the game thus far is not chastised for liking the game even though we know little of it. They like it based on information given, I’m bothered and dislike it based on information given thus to call me a spoiled brat over an opinion yet no one elses that is positive -seems- you only care that it wasn’t your side of the matter.

            Overall the quality of tittles has dipped a bit when placed in Aonuma’s hands and his supervision over the spin off had me concerned because he is not the creator nor cares for certain things as Miyamoto does. So it is worrysome and especially added with recent details makes me really doubt this installment. Side game or not, it will most likely be cannon as all other 3rd party zelda games so far have been cannon timeline games.

          • CEObrainz

            You say all this yet Miyamoto was also in on the idea as well, also have you played any of the games that Aonuma’s directed? You make them seem bad in comparison to the others of the series which isn’t true in my opinion.

            I can respect that your opinion is your own and everyone would have one when presented with a certain among of evidence to look at (no matter how revealing of the plot it is or not). However I’d say it’s still a bit early to judge things based on what we know and the character designs alone.

            Love triangles can be done well (rarely), it just takes skill as a writer and not falling into the trap of writing all this teenage-love nonsense that no one wants to see. I’d go further on to say that it could be a mature topic in the right hands, although this game doesn’t look to be that.

            Last thing is that not all the 3rd party games are canon, if you look at the official timeline, many games are missing from it so your argument is lacking there.

            FYI, we’re all fan-boys/girls on this site. I mean why else would you be here?

          • matthews

            This is entirely true and I respect your argument. Since it’s not blatantly saying you’re wrong or you’re a brat. I am hoping if this game is just going to be one big love triangle (or triforce) that it’s overseen with STRONG effort cause… it normally never pans out well.

            Miyamoto was on board for the original idea yes, but he has not spoken word on the project since the creators of Dynasty Warriors came to nintendo with the idea. It worries me deeply because I know he hates forced romance in his games which is why he hints towards it but never makes it a main focal point of his games.

            I’m not saying Anouma can’t make good games, Wind Waker was a stroke of genius and I personally loved seeing Ganondorf as more of a person not just I’m evil for no real reason. But a majority of his games have left me a bit longing. Twilight Princess while beautiful and vastly open environment there wasn’t much to do in it, as well as the awkwardly shoved romance of Midna (turned from sarcastic to sappy and touchy feely) most characters felt lacking and fell flat.

            Now Skyward I actually loved, it was really fun and the gameplay had me completely engrossed but he was so rushed and the story kinda knit up really quickly and kind of fell short (this being nintendo’s fault for making them release because it was the 25th anniversary and he wanted more time to finish) still I felt the romance was too heavily forced in the game and would have been better pulling back to keep people interested in the plot. Not just being, saving my love, but learning more about the goddess though this again could be attributed to lack of time.

            As for his side games… I have little to no respect for Spirit Tracks, while phantom hourglass introduced an interesting new character I felt both games were grasping at straws and Anouma tends to have an over abundance of his need to make more TOON games. I loved the style at first but with repetition it got old really fast. He claims he wants to keep breaking away from zelda norm but I’m not sure he wants to do it in a respectful way to the series. I mean one of his best games in years was Link Between Worlds, but Miyamoto had to sit him down and tell him to do something with A Link to the Past because everything Anouma was coming up with made Miyamoto shake his head and say it wasn’t good, it wasn’t zelda.

            Miyamoto left the series to Anouma more or less because he’s tired of arguing with the guy, so he’s working on a new franchise we’ve not seen yet, I’m just hoping Anouma wont nose dive the franchise into the ground, because I really respect zelda more then any series. Which is why a love triangle story felt REALLY REALLY cheap for this game. And I think it’s why Miyamoto has said nothing on it since they’ve started work on it. He loves his characters and games like children, watching people make it something it never was meant for, fanservicing it out is probably hard and a reason why he’s head deep in his new franchise he’s creating.

    • CEObrainz

      I just hope that Cia isn’t some cut-out villain in this story and that they add depth to her character. Some emotional build-up would be nice too, it wouldn’t be too great into a story to just be thrown in and be told that this random chick likes you enough to kidnap the girl you hang round with?

  • Soeroah

    “It is speculated that the evil present in the game is pulling objects, enemies, and locations from the entire history of the Zelda timeline using some form of a space-time continuum portal.”


    • Soeroah

      I’m sorry everyone I can’t explain how much I want this to be true omg

  • Talmor

    I’m not sure the video speaker’s ever played “Skyward Sword” because Link and Zelda were very much heavily hinted at being, at the very least, romantic interests. The Cia-Link-Zelda triangle is probably going to be a bad romance fiction. Jealousy isn’t an exciting factor. It’s a scary factor – Cia’s jealousy of another woman for simply spending more time than she does with the man she hold affections for overrides all else? I’m pretty sure you don’t need evil spirits taking advantage of weaknesses in real life for this to happen. …This is going to be done so badly, isn’t it? Will Cia and Link even be friends? Acquaintances? If Cia’s been getting jealous from afar, there was already something wrong with her even BEFORE whatever evil spirit got to her and it makes it all the more creepier.
    “While Impa looks remarkably similar to her incarnation in Skyward Sword, right down to her belt and the feathers at her side, this one is indeed different.” … … … . As if the fact that Impa – EVERYONE WHO’S PLAYED THE GAME TO THE END KNOWS WHAT – at the end of SS doesn’t make it patently obvious that HW Impa is a different individual carrying the same name….
    Watch. Impa’s sword will be called the ‘Biggoron Sword’.
    I’m pretty sure SS also explained any of the Link’s qualifications to be the Hero, at least in part with the entire Hylia and Her Hero reincarnation thing. Why this is presented as if it is a completely new and mind-boggling question….
    Interesting pronunciation of ‘Volvagia’ – vole-vay-gee-uh. I’ve always pronounced it voul-vahg-ee-uh.
    The Wizro/Wizrobe/Poe Collector/Poe thing is feels very much like grasping at straws, discussing fan theories as if they’re a lot more solid than speculation popularized by the fans. Perchance the resemblance is just that? A resemblance from conceptual influences from prior LoZ games?
    …Mayhaps I’m being too hard on the video?