Taking a look back at the recent artwork and screenshots released for Hyrule Warriors, GameXplain has developed interesting new theories on the story and timeline placement of the game.

According to a translation found on the game’s official website, long ago, a hero split an evil spirit into four pieces. Three pieces were sealed away in a space-time realm. The fourth was locked away with the Master Sword and a sorceress was tasked to watch over the sealed pieces to keep the equilibrium. During the time of Hyrule Warriors, Cia is the sorceress protecting the equilibrium but becomes evil due to her jealousy of Link and Zelda. GameXplain notes that this is the first time jealousy is a driving factor for a villain’s motives in a Zelda game. The story of Hyrule Warriors follows Link searching for Zelda while also fighting to stop Cia.


Link and Zelda also appear to be a part of a new generation as the artwork depicts them wearing clothing not yet seen in any other Zelda game. GameXplain goes on to discuss Link and Impa’s fighting style and the origins of Cia, Valga, and Wizro. Ending with speculations about the game’s locations, GameXplain offers an insightful theory on why Skyloft is falling down on Hyrule Castle in the artwork pictured below.


It is speculated that the evil present in the game is pulling objects, enemies, and locations from the entire history of the Zelda timeline using some form of a space-time continuum portal. This theory also gives an explanation why Stalchildren, which appeared in Ocarina of Time, will appear with Bokoblins that appeared in Skyward Sword.


You can watch the entire analysis below.

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