I had the privilege of spending Memorial Day weekend at MomoCon in Atlanta, Ga. In between the panels, gaming tournaments and spending way too much money in the dealer’s room, I made sure to squeeze in an impromptu Legend of Zelda meet-up with some talented ladies, plus get pictures of a few cosplayers roaming about. There were so many Zelda cosplayers at the con, that there was no way to get pictures of them all.


Each mask was made by the Happy Mask Salesman (or rather Saleswoman) on the left, who graciously allowed us to wear them for the picture. I excitedly put on the Zora mask!

Link and Zelda cosplay

I love this personification of Zelda. With bow in hand, she’s ready to kick some butt. The girl rockin’ the Link costume revealed that this was actually her first cosplay ever, and she even made the costume herself. Awesome job, ladies!

happy mask and ravio

Three merchants — I don’t see Happy Mask Salesman cosplayers very often, so it was pretty cool seeing two of them together. Plus, who doesn’t love Ravio?


I had planned on a Nabooru cosplay from Ocarina of Time, but I left my pants at home. Luckily I had my Malon costume as a backup!

Hilda and Zelda

There were quite a few Zelda cosplayers running around, and A Link Between Worlds was definitely the most popular.


Ravio is one of my favorite characters, so I was excited to see several Ravio cosplayers.


Outside of Zelda, Nintendo was heavily represented, and these cosplays were just too awesome not to share!


This is the first time I’ve seen Pikmin at a convention. They were a lot of fun, I have to say!

MomoCon was the perfect way to kick off summer. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to go back next year!

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