Let’s face it, you can only listen to a song for so long until you get sick of it. That’s what makes remixes so great. It’s a fresh take on a song you already love, giving you some variety so you don’t get totally burned-out. This week, we’ve picked a couple of remixes of some of our absolute favorite Zelda songs. Enjoy!

Amanda’s Pick

I may not be a big fan of Fi, but I do like her theme music. She already has an electronic sound that’s just asking for a techno remix. YouTuber Dasgust has put together some pretty cool video game remixes, including Skyward Sword’s Fi’s Theme remix. Her dialogue is interspersed throughout the song, creating a fun dance beat. I could totally see myself rocking out to this at a rave, that is, if I were to actually go to a rave.

Morgan’s Pick

Today’s Music Monday is all about remixes, and what better game to look at than The Wind Waker. With some of the best music in the series, The Wind Waker can literally take your breath away with its amazing visuals, beautiful story, and exceptional gameplay. There was one moment in the game that changed the Zelda lore forever though, and that was the prologue to the game; Hyrule was no more, and the story of Ocarina of Time is retold in picture book-esque quality. The music was nothing short of stunning, titled “Legendary Hero”, and this remix by OverClocked ReMix brings a little more levity to the music and reflects more on the tragic nature of Hyrule’s demise. My pick for today’s Music Monday is OverClocked Remix’s Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker ‘Ancient Hero’ [The Legendary Hero]” by DarkeSword.

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