Last week we featured a limited edition Zelda women’s hoodie from Gamer Heaven. Gamer Heaven was kind enough to reach out to Zelda Universe and has offered a 15% discount through our Facebook page for not only the hoodie, but for all of the products on their site by way of a discount code for Zelda Universe fans. Ladies, if you were still on the fence about this buying this stunning hoodie and still want to show off your Zelda love in style, like Zelda Universe’s Facebook page and obtain the code for your discount!

Also, don’t forget to send a like to Gamer Heaven’s Facebook page as well, as their merchandise is top quality!

  • TaoRod B. Rodel

    Do you have this for males? 🙁

  • Amanda

    I ordered mine!

  • Morgan

    I REALLY want this as I love hoodies so frieking much, it’s just…the money. And it’s not because the price is unreasonable, because hoodies tend to be at least $50-$60. It’s just…need…to…save…must…resist..

  • CEObrainz

    15% of everything on their site seems like a brilliant deal. I already own the male hoodie and am satisfied with its quality, must traverse the site now and look for other Zelda goodies I can snag….

  • Matt

    has anyone actually received something from them?

  • Men Pie

    Do not order anything from Gamer Heaven!!!!!!!!!!! Awful customer service and received my orders at all 🙁