Following A Link to the Hope and The Empire Smashes BackJames Farr brings us part one of Return of the Hero, the third chapter of his brilliant Super Smash Bros/Star Wars crossover, Super Smash Wars. In this quest, Link Skywaker arrives on TatooWii to rescue his buddies who are being held prisoner. Young Skywaker then travels to the Pokeball System where Master Yodachu reveals that Phantom Lord Ganon-Darth is indeed Link’s father. Link must confront Ganon-Darth before he learns there is another Skywaker.

Expect cameos from more Nintendo characters, including Wario as Jabba the Hutt and Ocarina of Time’s Princess Ruto as the featured palace dancer. Farr’s stellar animation paired with Joshua Peterson’s incredible musical score make for a fun new take on the classic Star Wars saga. Part two of Return of the Hero is due out within the next week!

Update: Part two of Return of the Hero is up! In the grand finale, Link and friends land on Forest Moon only to discover Phantom Troopers are there too, and a Mario Kart-style speeder bike chase ensues. Later, Link discovers the identity of his long-lost sister. Watch as Link confronts his father, Lord Ganon-Darth and defeats the evil emperor.