Raiden from the Metal Gear series certainly seems to have redeemed himself somewhat since the mixed reception to his debut in MGS2. Revengeance was one of my favourite games of last year, with Raiden’s agility and ridiculous swordplay abilities paving the way for one of the greatest hack-and-slash titles in recent years. In a recent interview with Game Voices, voice actor Reuben Langdon mentioned something very interesting — and confusing — regarding the character. When asked “Is there a game franchise you’d particularly like to appear in?”, Reuben responded:

“Well the Metal Gear series is always coming in and out of my ‘field’. We have put bids out on it a couple of times. Raiden was always a character that I had wanted to play. I did end up playing him on Super Smash Bros; so I did end up playing him eventually. NOT to the extent that he is in the other games.”

Raiden has not made any appearances in a previous Smash game outside of a collectible Sticker in Brawl, which could only mean that Langdon is talking about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 4.

You might think that he’s just referencing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (a game often criticised for being a Smash Bros. clone), which Raiden did appear in. However, it is actually Quinton Flynn that has voiced Raiden in most of his game appearances up to this point, including Battle Royale. So that possibility is off the cards.

If there is any truth to this complex quote, Raiden may not necessarily be a playable character. It could also be possible that he is referring to new codec conversations in the upcoming fighter, as they appeared in Brawl via Snake’s taunt. Although, it would be odd that Langdon would replace Flynn, given Flynn’s dedication to playing the character for over a decade.

That would also mean that Snake is confirmed as a returning character, although recent comments from MGS creator Hideo Kojima made that scenario a little unlikely.

Assuming there is no mistake or miscommunication in this interview, the possibility of Raiden being playable is exciting. It’s certainly possible, with Gray Fox, Colonel Campbell, Mei Ling, or Otacon having made appearances in Brawl as well as Snake. For some reason, I’d find it hilarious if Raiden ended up with the exact same moveset and special attacks from Battle Royale.

Update: It turns out that Langdon was confusing Super Smash Bros. with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale after all, but he was talking about mo-cap work, not voice work. How confusing do you want to be? Thanks GoNintendo.