If you caught last week’s announcement regarding Operation Moonfall’s newest projects, you’ll remember the Happy Mask Campaign, wherein various artists submit their uniquely painted Majora’s Mask replicas. These base replicas are in fact being supplied by My Wicked Armor, run by an artist called Robert Rodgers — who recently began his own Kickstarter campaign to allow backers to get their hands on their own replica.

Rodgers made his first replica last year, before selling it and moving on to other projects. Since then, he has become more advanced in his crafting skills, significantly improving on his previous attempt.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you might recall Riley Planalp doing a similar Kickstarter last year. The difference? Rodgers’ mask is actually wearable, allowing you to become demonically possessed in style if you so wish. According to Rodgers, it “will sit snug on your face, be comfortable to wear, and slip on and off your head easily without having to tie the knot each time” with “3-point fabric tie straps and foam blocks”.

Unfortunately, all of the completed fully painted masks have already been claimed. However, for the creatively and practically inclined, the following are still available in limited quantities:

  • $120 or more: “Get a raw cast that you can finish yourself. Iris prints (laser-printed eye centers) and web instructions will be included to help finish it yourself.”
  • $180 or more: “Get a primed mask that is ready to paint. The outer surface will be primed and ready to paint, and the interior will be black with eye holes, straps, and foam blocks already installed. Iris prints (laser-printed eye centers) and web instructions will be included to help you finish it yourself.”

You can catch more photos over on the Kickstarter page, but if you’d like to see it in action, check out the clip below.