Last week, prominent member of Operation Moonfall Lyndon Willoughby teased the public with an upcoming “exciting new campaign“. Today, he is ready to reveal Moonfall’s next project.

Previously, we saw Lyndon spearhead the Kickstarter poster campaign, which resulted in high quality prints being sent to Nintendo’s offices. While receiving no official response from Nintendo, the group continues their pursuit by now taking the campaign to social media — where you can get involved.

Remember, if you are a fan of Majora’s Mask who pines for a remake, go follow Operation Moonfall on Twitter. The more followers the group gets, the more attention the campaign will receive, potentially increasing the awareness of the number of fans who want this remake. And if you really want to help, get involved with the above campaigns! Also, if you would like to learn more about Operation Moonfall, check out our recent exclusive interview with Lyndon Willoughby.