Masahiro Sakurai has taken to Miiverse for his daily Smash Bros. pic of the day, this time introducing a new weapon present in the game: the Ore Club. According to Sakurai, “Here’s a giant attack item, the Ore Club! It’s made of minerals mined on the mountain of the gods. This bulky weapon can even unleash tornadoes.”

“This bulky weapon can even unleash tornadoes”

Considering all of the items we have seen in the Smash Bros. series over the years, this is definitely one of the most intriguing items to date. I am especially excited to see exactly how it functions, with its ability to “unleash tornadoes”. What do you think of the latest edition to the Super Smash Bros. item family?

Edit: It’s worth noting that the Ore Club originates from Kid Icarus: Uprising. (-Reece)

  • Morgan

    this actually does look like something out of LOTR, lol, after thinking about it.

    • CEObrainz

      That eye like think in the club does scream “LOTR!” however it looks like a dangerous item, dealing tons of damage, akin to Ike’s Forward Smash in Brawl.

  • ShyGuyGaming

    I forgot those two characters were in SSB4. xD

    The red eye totally looks like The eye of Sauron. xD

    • Morgan

      yep that’s what I thought!!!

  • Ryan Haney

    The Ore Club is one of my favorite weapons to use in the multi-player mode.

  • Luciano Gianola

    Somehow all the other fansites I follow have failed to reveal this to me. Good job, ZU!

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