Miiverse has often been called Nintendo’s answer to Twitter, and the similarities are glaring; you can follow other users, posts are limited to a specific character limit (200 characters per post on Miiverse), you can tag posts with categories and post responses to others’ posts. Nintendo’s online platform has now taken a step forward in becoming even more Twitter-like, adding a verified users list for high-profile figures in the gaming industry.

With this new verified users list, will we finally be able to get the dish on Miyamoto’s or Aonuma’s personal lives? Maybe some interesting doodles? It’s highly doubtful, but this makes stalking Nintendo’s top employees on Miiverse that much easier.

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  • CEObrainz

    I guess this is good, but wasn’t users already verified in certain communities anyway?

    • Morgan

      I think so, but now it’s not just NIntendo employees but members of development teams/community members from 3rd parties as well. that’s how I understood it at least.

      • CEObrainz

        Oh, I see. That would be more convenient for development teams I guess, getting feedback directly from the user-base.